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Number 42 in the never ending series, where one picture, (the one below) turns into a totally new work of art every Sunday, Welcome to week 42 I call it "Beecause".

Link to the image I used to start and continue the series indefinitely

Why did I call it that? just BEEcause, So I came into this weeks edition with an interesting idea in mind why don't I make a flower out of the bee, So I started out by cutting out the bee

patt bee.jpg

Then I loaded up number 13 in the series to use as a background I zoomed into the top section and applied a heavy blur, Then I used the select brush to draw a flower and then filled it with a pattern made of bees, Then I gave it some uniformity by giving it an artistic look, mixing in all the elements, and then I came up with a name its a play on the word because got a bit of depth to it BEE's cause flowers to reproduce so I felt it was only right to make a flower out of bees

Last week's edition into the series

And the link to the Beginning of the series

Hope you having a great day and are enjoying your steemit journey,
I want to thank all my supporters for their upvotes, comments and resteems, Its truly appreciated!

Yours truly,

Maxim aka bitcoinman

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