Never ending series week 60, Peak

60 peak  final.jpg
Number 60 in the never ending series, where one picture, (the one below) turns into a totally new work of art every Sunday, Welcome to week 60 I call it "Peak ".

Link to the image I used to start and continue the series indefinitely

2 days ago a friend came over and show me some beats he was making for his solo album, he is making pretty much from top to bottom, I was really impressed and inspired and I decided to work on the series, I started off using the various radial blurs and other effects,

What Im showing you below is what I came up with
60 peak .jpg

I Thought it could be a lot better so I took a lot of time to tediously used the smudging tool until I Was happy with the piece.

Last week's edition into the series

And the link to the Beginning of the series

Hope you having a great day and are enjoying your steemit journey,
I want to thank all my supporters for their upvotes, comments and resteems, Its truly appreciated!

Yours truly,Maxim aka bitcoinman

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