Never ending series week 67, Battle of the Gods

67 Battle of the Gods  copy.jpg
Number 67 in the never ending series, where one picture, (the one below) turns into a totally new work of art every Sunday, Welcome to week 67 I call it "Battle of the Gods ".
The image I used to start and continue the series indefinitely is right below and its Link

I started this weeks edition with the Genesis picture above, as I write this I notice that I have started with this Genesis picture as the base for the past few editions instead of starting out with another piece in the series,
Anyway back into things, I started out by applying a dust&scratch filter in photoshop I set it very high to the point where it looked like an interesting blur effect, I then layered a few copies of the composition on to itself, forming the tail for this green eye looking thing, then I flattened the layers into a single compositions, touched up some imperfections, then I overlayed another piece as the background

updated bonus.jpg

It never made it into a series but it was used in the background in the composition of some pieces in the series like this weeks edition. It's actually a modification of another piece that did not make the series but was featured in one as a bonus because I thought it was amazing

I did a bunch more messing around and editing until I was happy with the composition.

That is all for this weeks edition of the never ending series, see you next week with another edition.

Last week's edition into the series
week 66

And the link to the Beginning of the series (aka week 1)

Hope you having a great day and are enjoying your steemit journey,
I want to thank all my supporters for their upvotes, comments and resteems, Its truly appreciated!

Yours truly,Maxim aka bitcoinman

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