Never ending series week 68, Worms

68 worms copy.jpg

Number 68 in the never ending series, where one picture, (the one below) turns into a totally new work of art every Sunday, Welcome to week 68 I call it "worms".
The image I used to start and continue the series indefinitely is right below and its Link

I woke up quite early on this Sunday morning to make sure I have time to create an edition for never ending series,
And so I opened up the Genesis picture (the original right above), I had no clue were to take it but for some reason, I felt like I should work with this blurry area right here


I remembered I previously did something with that element in one of the past editions and went as far as removing the flower and bee, so I had a quit look over the past edition in the series to make sure I am not going to make something that is too similar to previous editions.

So, I decided to use that as my base. I used the liquify tool, the spot healing brush and the cloning tool and a few others to arrange those pixels into a worm, not just a regular worm but a worm from the games worms.... he has seen some things

That is all for this weeks edition of the never ending series, see you next week with another edition.

Last week's edition into the series
week 67

And the link to the Beginning of the series (aka week 1)

Hope you having a great day and are enjoying your steemit journey,
I want to thank all my supporters for their upvotes, comments and resteems, Its truly appreciated!

Yours truly,Maxim aka bitcoinman

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