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Look at All the Applications On Steem

I was looking at all the applications on Steem and was wondering where's all the applications for Golos? It would be really great if we could see some of the similar development going on with Steem here on Golos.


There are so many projects now for the Steem platform and I look forward to being a contributor to that list soon. I think one of the most interesting projects that sprung up recently is Utopian-io. I think it is ingenious to have users be rewarded for their open source contributions to the development of the Steem platform.


I really enjoy how @Zappl has been set up and allows a different way to interact with the Steem blockchain and give a Twitter-like user experience. It's been a little rough launch of this application but there is a great team working around the clock to get it running smoothly and have fewer bugs to fix. Overall, it's a great application to onboard new and different users to the Steem platform. @thedegensloth started with this idea and made it a reality for us to enjoy.


A forum-style frontend that long-time Steemian developer and witness/delegate @jesta had cooked up has been up and running for some time now and chainBB is focused on discussions.

My goal in building chainBB was to bring a product that was focused very deeply on engagement. It can be hard to keep up with a busy discussion using a reddit-style interface having to hunt-and-peck at responses as they come in.

Now, users can create their own community forum on chainBB that helps makes it more organized and easier to find the discussion you want.


Also been up and running for a long time now, Busy was one of the first applications that were launched after Steemit. A user-friendly interface where users were not only limited to the Steemit interface and to help show what is possible to do with the Steem blockchain to expand the Steem ecosystem. With a newly updated UI, you can get to see how Busy complements Steem and the various other applications on this blockchain.


The first mobile app that was developed for Steem and works for Golos too. Witness/Delegate @good-karma has been working on this app for a while now and has come a long way from when the earlier versions of the app were launched. Packed with a bunch of features and he has done a great job to bring the Steem and Golos platform to mobile devices and working on bringing us the eSteem webapp soon as well.


Started as a mobile app, @steepshot also has a webapp so Steem and Golos users can enjoy an Instagram-like interface to interact with the Steem and Golos blockchain. @pmartynov presented the early version of this app back at the first SteemFest in 2016. Along with their team, they created an app where users can earn rewards for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience.


A decentralized video sharing platform that not only uses Steem, but also IPFS protocol to have decentralized file storage. There are a growing amount of people tired of Youtube and Dtube has changed the way how videos are uploaded and watched. Uploaders can be rewarded via STEEM.


DSound followed the same approach as Dtube and created a decentralized sound platform for music lovers and anything audio. Now we don't have to rely on centralized services such as SoundCloud and allows for many people including music artists to distribute their music and earn rewards.


dMania is a take on 9GAG but on Steem where users can share memes, funny pictures, and gifs and earn some rewards. The dMania platform gives users an alternative way to submit content to the Steem blockchain. Not everyone can write blogs and this gives a simple way to onboard new users to the Steem platform.

And More!!!

These are just the different frontends that are up and running. There are more to come and on top of that, there are tons of other apps I haven't mentioned in this post. You can check out to see the huge growing list of applications and tools that have been developed by your fellow Steemians.

This is looking to be an even better year for Steem in 2018. To add to all of this, there will be Smart Media Tokens, Decentralized Exchange, and Communities added to the Steem blockchain. I don't see any other blockchain with an ecosystem as diverse as Steem.


Look at this visualization I made using Gource. I posted this on my previous post.


Oct. 1, 2016 - Nov. 12, 2017


This video shows the development of the Steem blockchain from the beginning.

March 22, 2016, until Oct 24, 2017.

There's quite a difference...

Time to catch up Golos...

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