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Nature Photography in the USA - WATCH DLIVE

2017-10-18 00.32.45.jpg
Hello Golos Friends and family! I love nature and photography --- here are some of mine with

Butterflies on my mind. Warm air in the Spring time. Flowers blooming. Oh, how I love Spring! Just a few more months away here in Richmond, VA in the USA

2017-10-18 00.27.32.jpg

2017-10-18 00.27.43.jpg

Nature is so beautiful! It is nice to be able to walk around in the warm weather taking photographs of butterflies!

Bees were buzzing all around these gorgeous purple flowers!

2017-10-18 00.25.09.jpg

2017-10-18 00.05.36.jpg

Butterflies seem so delicate!

DO NOT DISTURB! Sign here as there is a BEE HIVE in the tree, lol! Do not disturb or that will be your A@#!!

2017-10-18 00.10.26.jpg

2017-10-17 23.54.24.jpg

I'm going inside this tree......

2017-10-18 00.07.52.jpg

And here we are! What a great hiding spot! I left a painted rock here on the tree as this is a park and kids and adults leave painted rocks and also find them. It is a fun activity!

2017-10-18 00.08.04.jpg

2017-10-18 00.09.21.jpg

2017-10-18 00.12.34.jpg

2017-10-18 00.19.46.jpg

2017-10-18 00.29.24.jpg

2017-10-18 00.37.49.jpg

Working Hard!

2017-10-18 00.32.46.jpg

2017-10-20 00.02.07.jpg

2017-10-20 00.03.19.jpg

2017-10-18 00.42.37.jpg


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