Powering up for the second time and I just got here. Also, brought my wife too!

Even though I just got here, I can already tell that I like this platform a lot. It's obviously some kind of STEEM fork and I love it! Among a few others like Whaleshares.io, smoke.io and Trybe.one, I think this is one of the smoothest interface's I've gotten to use.

My lovely artist of a wife @munkiioh and I are looking forward to curating some great articles! :)

I will be doing some giveaways while I am here, so stay tuned and be sure to check my profile often.

I will be giving 20 GOLOS to 1 random person who makes an ENGLISH comment that I can read without having to use a translator LOL If the winning comment is in English AND Russian, that will help me to learn how to speak a new language and I'll send the winner an extra 10 GOLOS!


P.s. come check out Steem Monsters!
Let me know if you sign up, & what your username is, and I'll send you a free Steem Monster!

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