The market of cloud services since the beginning of 2010 continues its development, by leaps and bounds. True, the sphere was mastered only by large companies, so starting with start-ups is almost impossible (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.).

Corporations can afford highly paid engineers, expensive equipment, high-profile advertising campaigns and endless investments in data centers, storage and servers. It's about corporate orders.
Ordinary consumers are familiar with the market for services in the "cloud" thanks to services such as Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, OneDrive and Dropbox. Both directions are going to be mastered, while democratizing prices, the company IAGON.

Iagon was founded last year and has offices in Tel Aviv (Israel) and Hamar (Hedmark, Norway). Its main development is a decentralized and protected "cloud" platform on the blockroom.
Iagon was launched by Elad Harison and Navjit Dalival.

Harison has worked for many years as a teacher in Israeli universities in the field of industrial design and management (plus Dr. Harison Consulting, who advises clients in the same field).
The second is in the past an entrepreneur in the field of dentistry.

Iagon - a universal solution for decentralized "cloud" services. In fact, this is a global computer network on a blockchain, controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), which over time surpasses the power of any supercomputer.

The principle of functioning of the Iagon is similar to the production system - it is a network that unites scattered PCs across the planet and sums up their capacities. This idea is built into the "cloud" service SpatialOS - it collects in the "cloud" the power of remote servers.

However, SpatialOS is focused only on the sphere of video games (in particular, the technology is used in the projects of Mavericks: Proving Grounds and Scavengers).

Iagon services can be used by organizations and ordinary consumers.
It looks like this:

  • registration in the system;
  • select what to rent for IAG tokens - computing power (processor) or memory (hard disk). Reminds the production
    schemes with the pool in the "pools", is not it?
  • naturally, resources can not only be provided to other users / organizations, but also rented personally.
    In the Iagon, ultimately, any decentralized software will be allowed to embed, that is, the platform will provide a full range of current "cloud" services.
    Its obvious advantage over competitors is an unprecedented level of information protection.

A similar idea (distributed database in the "cloud") arose long ago, given the nature of the blockchain, and it is very strange that it was captured only by the launch of the Iagon.
Apparently, other businessmen were afraid of an unequal battle with Amazon and Microsoft.
Token: IAG
Total coins issued: 1,000,000,000 IAG
Available for PreICO and ICO: 700,000,000 IAG
Price of the marker on PreICO: 0,06-0,09 USD
ICO: 0,12 USD
SoftPack: $ 30,000,000
Hardcap: $ 77,000,000

Interestingly, the software is installed at a sufficiently high level level, even US residents will be able to participate in the ICO, but after the KYC procedure. For me, this is a very important plus, because the United States is very fond of its citizens and many of them prohibit the participation of Americans in their sailing because they are afraid of regulatory bodies. There is no.

Very, very weighty advisers. On icobench high marks.
The very theme of decentralized storage and cloud computing is very promising, and we have already seen several examples of "laid-off" projects. I'm sure that the IAG tokens by the end of 2018 will cost an order of magnitude higher than at ico! And further with each point of the road map they will grow.

I contributed a small amount to ico, simply because I own the medals of competing projects, and in this subject I see great prospects in the next few years.

Dime21 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1476729


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