"Yumerium" ICO LIVE.

The computer games industry has been growing steadily for many years. The same goes for the crypto currency market. Perhaps it was this similarity that guided the founders of the Yuremium project, when they founded their offspring. The main idea of the project was the opportunity to earn in the game. Given the new vectors in the development of the gaming industry, such as games on advanced engines with great graphics, a virtual reality that allows you to get new impressions from the virtual world. To realize all these opportunities, you need significant resources, which have only a few players on the market. Because of this, monopolies are being formed, which does not allow developing companies to develop confidently.

What is Yumerium?
It is on this basis that the Yuremium project began its growth. He suggested combining block and smart contracts with the game sphere, which will overcome the following drawbacks of the standard model, namely:

  • high level of fraud;
  • large commissions;
  • the possibility of macro transactions is not supported;
  • opacity of all necessary information.

What problems does it solve?
Yumerium is built on the desire to help developers and monetize the actions of gamers, for the time spent in the game mode. With the help of those tools that the development team implements, the following list of problems is solved:

  • Monetization of playing time;
  • Popularization of indie games and beginners;
  • Assisting game developers;
  • the formation and subsequent rendering of assistance to services for games on-line, which will formulate an additional channel for attracting the target audience.
  • Forming a platform with such a functional and such a set of solutions, the creators of the project support the high motivation of gamers for long game sessions. In addition, alternative services for games are being developed, which is an important factor for maximizing the market field.

    For the successful development of the project, it is planned to sell 500 million tokens. The project token is named YUM. 1YUM is equal to 10 cents. Thus, during the ICO, it is planned to receive $ 50 million. It's also worth noting that you can not use any other currency when buying, except for US dollars, bitcoins and ETH. In addition to all, there is also a system of discounts for the purchase of tokens. The discounts depend on whether the tokens were purchased at what stage.

The public sale of YUM starts on May 13 and will last until May 19, 2018.
The funds raised are planned to be distributed as follows:
Half of the total will be spent on developing and developing games, especially on CryptoMine, on the Yumerium site;

  • 20% will be spent on implementing marketing strategies and spreading the community;
  • 15% - to develop means for monetizing the Yumerium site;
  • 10% - will be spent on updating the entire structure of the tokens;
  • 5% - on the processes in the field of jurisprudence.

The list of advantages of the project can include:

  • Developers participating in the site's affiliate program get their hands on tools for effective PR, but as a result of gaining more profit;
  • Gamers have the opportunity not only to enjoy the process of passing the game, but also to receive rewards that are of real value;
  • Owners of YUM have a chance to make good money on the influx of financial interest in the project.

The founders of the project were developers from Subdream Studios, who developed games for various devices, as well as for VR-applications. Mostly it comes from Korea.

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