Review MOZO!

Hello dear readers! In the first part of the review I told about the main idea of the project and how it will work, in the second part I would like to dwell in more detail on such important aspects as: details of the ICO, roadmap, team working on the project, how popular is MOZO in social networks, further prospects and news on the project.

It's no secret that in our time one of the most effective tools to attract attention to its product are Social Networks. The MOZO project understands this perfectly and is working on promotion. The telegram of the channel has almost 41,000 people, which is undoubtedly an excellent result! Twitter has 1271 readers. Facebook has 1639 subscribers. YouTube channel has 12 uploaded videos with an explanation of "how Mozo works and what it is", but only 34 subscribers. The branch of the main BitcoinTalk crypto currency forum is being actively pursued by the representative of MOZO, the forum participants are actively showing interest in the project. One of the most important items is the account on GitHub, the team has an account there, anyone who understands the programming can check tokens, smart contracts, etc. for errors in the code.

Details of ICO and distribution of MOZO tokens
Token Token - MOZO
Type of the token - ERC20 (ETHEREUM)
SoftCap - $ 20,000,000
HardCap - $ 42,000,000
The total offer of MOZO tokens is 5 billion. There is no need for an artificial restraining deficit, because there are a lot of coins.

25% of the amount will be launched for mass sales in two phases: the first lasts until July 30, the second will cover the period of the fourth quarter of this year. Now the assets are sold at a price of 0.09 dollars per coin.

Another 25% will go to pay for staff, and 50% - for further development of the project, marketing and the like.

The funds received during the ICO are also divided into several areas: 30% will go for the completion of the project, 40% for promotion, 30% for hiring and staff training.

Of course, this is a fairly concise description of profit-making plans: MOZO will continue its research, market analysis, create an optimal economic environment, in general - do what so little attention is paid to the developers of other projects.

Further plans for the MOZO project (roadmap)
MOZO went through a rather long way of development: they managed to conduct a large-scale market research, draw conclusions, form a clear concept and even run the alpha and beta versions of the application. But there is still a lot of work ahead.

Until the end of this month, the project will complete the stage of ICO. It attracts investors and collects funds, which in the future will be directed to the development and development of a full-fledged network.

Then, in January 2019, developers will launch the version 3.0 of the application with improved functionality and Ethereum's own purse while working on the 4.0 model.

Model 4.0 will be released exactly six months after the previous one - in June 2019. Then she will join the large network Ethereum, and only in January 2020 will become an independent version, complete and complete.

By 2021, the developer plans to add more than 300,000 representatives of trade networks to the MOZO network, and this figure later promises to grow.

Summarizing, I would like to say that at the time of writing the article during the ICO, the MOZO team managed to raise $ 31 million, which is simply an excellent result in the falling market of cryptocurrency! ICO will end on July 30, and on August 8, the token will go to its first crypto exchange Coinrail. The partners include such eminent campaigns as: VERSACE, Wanda Group, DCC (Dongdaemun Commerce Group), GateCoin (Hong Kong), Suntec City Mall (Singapore) and others. From the latest news, I would highlight that the team announced on its Twitter partnership with the major exchanges Qryptos and Quoinex, listing these exchanges is extremely expensive, but apparently we will soon see these exchanges MOZO token. Let's finish this article, so there was a great article, I tried to tell more about MOZO, I wish success to this project and I will observe and support its development, since I think that such startups reveal the whole benefit of blockchain technology.



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