"CashBag" ICO LIVE.

In our lives, we make daily purchases, large, small, and we spend our time and money on it, thus satisfying our desires and needs. We are looking for all kinds of discounts or the best price, so as not to overpay for a product or service. And this process is strangely very much we like. And imagine if a person making a purchase will receive more and a monetary reward, you will agree pleasantly and very tempting.

How does Cashbag work?
To do this, the Cashbag Site was created, operating online and linked to a virtual currency, which gives us the opportunity to receive a cash bonus for the purchase of goods or services on the Internet. However, there are no limits or restrictions on the number of purchases or services received.
CashBag is not only a site where you get bonuses and discounts, it is an established mechanism that helps people save money by returning them to their accounts.

It's as easy as downloading an application to your mobile phone or getting a desktop version for your personal computers and laptops. Once this step is completed, you will be notified and the process will be activated. You start getting a reward for every purchase you make online.
Perhaps you are thinking, what is the point for Cashbag, is not it? Or how Cashbag manages to do all this for consumers. In fact, this is the contract that Cashbag has with thousands of sellers around the world. This contract allows the team to create coupons that work as a reward when the consumer trades with these particular traders. Each successful transaction leads to rewards, and Cashbag applications are for managing and reporting your overall savings.

Application works exclusively for consumers, and there is no reason not to use it, perhaps the application is one of the best innovative ideas of this year. If you want to take this opportunity, just go to Cashbag.co and register.
CashBag (CBC), a token, is based on Ethereum, it is one of the main element of their market.

Ethereum is an open source, block-based, distributed computing platform that targets intelligent contracts. In fact, Ethereum is a distributed virtual machine that allows end users to create intelligent contracts for transactions.

Those participating in the project earn CashBag tokens, being its active users. When participants associate a personal wallet with a block account, a return fund program starts, where you can see what the real price of the token is and how it can be worked with, that is, to trade or buy it, or simply use it in partnership with other ERC20 tokens.
CBC Token
Ethereum Platform
Price 1 ETP = 6000 CBC
Type ERC20
Possible attachments: ETH
Primary sale:
Start on 03/11/18.


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На Golos с 2017 M07

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