"AKROPOLIS" Blockchain Pensions Infrastructur. ICO LIVE.

Akropolis project is a completely new infrastructure related to the pension system, which will work on the basis of the blockchain. This project was developed in order to create an alternative to existing funds in the pension infrastructure, which under current conditions are not effective.

This project is designed to create a pension platform with direct contributions. In this case, the asset tokenization model will be used here. That is, traditional finance on the blockchain will be fixed in the form of digital assets. In the future, the token will be used to gain access to the platform, as well as to receive various bonuses for the active use of the system. In addition, for such project participants as non-institutional investors, all the basic services provided by the platform will be absolutely free. Pay users with tokens will only be various additional services.

On the basis of the platform, smart contracts will be used, using which participants will be able to vote and make decisions regarding the distribution of capital and other significant changes in the pension system. In this project, a binary tokenization system will be used. AKT will be presented as an external token, which will provide access to the ecosystem and its main structures for third-party users. The internal token will be AIT, represented by means of payment for accounting, and with its help it will be possible to track and fix various cash flows within the ecosystem itself. These tokens will be independent of each other, so that the system remains stable, and there would be no risks to the token rate.

The advantage of this project is that the deficit of pension savings will be solved, which is now a serious problem for many countries. First of all, such a problem will be solved using information technology. On the basis of the new project, such technologies will be used that will improve the stability of the system, and also ensure its stability in relation to the projected risks. Secondly, the blockade will be used. And this will ensure transparency and efficiency of platform tokenisation, while the side costs by type of administrative costs will be minimal. Also, reliable control will be provided, which will be implemented in the interests of the participants. Gradually, the influence of third parties will decrease.

Individuals who want to maintain their pension savings reliably and stably will participate in the pension platform based on the blockchain. Also, the main participants will be various institutions by type of pension funds. Their task will be to attract new users. For the development of the platform, developers who will be able to provide their services on the basis of the project will participate.

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