"BABB" Everyone is a bank. Bank account based on Blockchain. ICO LIVE.

In the world, there are many regions where business operates bypassing the financial system. About 200 million small and medium-sized businesses either do not have access to financial services, or receive them not completely. In the settlements there are very few bank branches and in this regard, many lack access to financial services. At present, there are a lot of people in the world who do not have a bank account. Due to lack of an account, people use cash. Lack of access to financial services is the cause of poverty. Banks refuse to serve the poor. For the bank, it is very expensive to attract new customers, the cost of maintenance is higher than the profit from customers. But the availability of financial services greatly improves the quality of life.

BABB https://getbabb.com (bank account on the Blockchain ) will apply the technology block so that everyone can get a bank account with a built-in crowdsourcing option. When using a decentralized banking system, tariffs will not be so high.

Using the BABB application on your mobile device, you can quickly open an account with a password and self. BABB accounts have account number and MFO for UK transfers, there is also a cryptographic address and IBAN for international transfers. A secure payment black card is associated with the BABB application via QR code or NFC. You can get a free card from account holders in the store or online and pay for it in stores with BABB accounts.
BABB stores will not need to pay for high transaction processing rates, terminals will not be needed. With the use of blocking technology, there is no need for intermediary services and therefore the transactions are performed much faster and cheaper. To open an account, documents will not be needed since the account can be opened using biometrics and voice verification. Users of the network who have confirmed their identity can recommend other people to open an account.

Smart contracts will allow you to make secure transactions protected from scammers. BABB accounts will be controlled and used only by their owners. Thanks to the use of different ways of encoding and storage, the data on the platform is protected on several levels. BABB will directly cooperate with central banks issuing their own digital currency.

The BABB platform will use its own BAX token. You will be paid for services and licensing in BAX tokens, so to use the BABB account you will need to have BAX tokens. In total, 1 billion BAX tokens will be released. For the development of the project, the sale of BAX tokens will be organized https://getbabb.com. For preliminary and main trades, 600 million BAX tokens will be available.


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