BankEx. Proof-Of-Asset-Protocol. ICO LIVE.

Do you have money? Where will you save your money? We have known that “Bank” is the proper place for saving your money.  A bank also issues loans to both personals and companies. Nowadays, a bank has responsible for the payments system in public. Basically, everyone needs banks, but not everyone understands how banks are working in economy sector.
A bank has liquidity. Liquidity for a bank means the ability of the bank to meet its financial obligations as they come due. Ideally, a bank has to maintain a level of liquidity, and also allows it to meet any unexpected expenses without having to liquidate other assets. If a bank doesn’t have enough liquid funds to pay its bills and suppliers, the situation could quickly drive to the point of bankruptcy. That is one of the main problems for a bank. It is also a challenge to the bank. The challenge is ensuring its own liquidity under all reasonable conditions.BANKEX is a protocol that solves the problem of non-fungible asset liquidity of banks. BANKEX gives a solution for the non-fungible asset liquidity. The solution is the Proof-of-Asset Protocol, the point of which is an instant audit of the asset by modernizing the mechanisms of assigning and validating ratings.

BANKEX is a crypto financial platform or a fintech company. BANKEX specializes in the sales of tokens and financial assets. This bank and exchange platform allows not only buyers, but various banks to exchange their products.BANKEX is an organization that bended participants of the financial market to create a community, and also implement the “Evidence of assets” protocol, which allows members of the community to benefit from the use of common assets.BANKEX wants to make all its efforts in the banking sector can influence the traditional finance, investment, microfinance, illiquid assets and also markets for natural resources and derivatives. The goal of BANKEX is the stabilization of the banking sector Blockchain.The main product of BANKEX can make individuals to solve the problem of asset liquidity. The main product is its protocol system of asset. It is the combination of BaaS (Bank- as- a- Service) and Blockchain technologies.


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