"Bitcomo" Рекламная платформа на Blockchain. ICO LIVE.

Advertising in the online world is becoming increasingly popular with a growing number of Internet users, and current advertisers are very much using advertising in the online world. This is clearly visible on the Bitcomo platform. Botcomo will make a revolution in the field of Internet advertising, using a decentralized network with the help of cryptography.

What is Bitcomo?
Bitcomo became the first in the affiliate business of CPA. In the past, advertisers used the PPC system, but this was canceled. Bitcomo is present and provides new solutions for advertisers, because it uses the CPA system, so advertisers need to pay only in case of activity in the displayed ad.

Advertisers do not need to pay for other actions if the ads they display, something like Bitcomo, do not.
Bitcomo, as mentioned above, is the world's first partner network platform that uses CPA systems with support for decentralized blockchain technology. Bitcomo offers a targeted advertising system with the advanced technology that they have.

Advertisers and publishers will find it easier to use Bitcomo because they use global tokenisasi and have a competitive price because of the nature of the Bitcomo decentralized tokens here to solve the various scams that occur in online advertising.

In addition, the token system makes all transactions very transparent. This will create a healthier advertising ecosystem without any fraudulent actions, this is beneficial for advertisers and publishers. Bitcomo also provides a CPA (Click Per Action) system, which means that advertisers need to pay only if the ad has activity that they show. In addition, advertisers do not need to pay more. This will make advertisers more fair and more economical in advertising their product.

The main advantages of Bitcomo:

  1. Effectiveness
    Using tokenisasi Bitcomo makes everything work with an efficient and easy. In contrast to the classical system, which requires a long process, such as: advertisers - the perbangkan operator - the payment system - affiliated ads.
  2. Reability Bitcomo will offer more economical with excellent ad accuracy. Fraud and fraud in pengilanan will be excellent in dealing with Bitcomo very well
  3. Affordable price
    Bitcomo with the tokenisasi system will simplify the work, and their CPA system will make the cost of advertising more accessible.
  4. Effective
    a time payment system using a token to make the time more convenient, because it does not require a long process. All you can do is easy if you have Bitcomo tokens
    ICO Details
    Bitcomo Sales, will use a token with a block chain based on the air, with the support of technology tokens with the ERC20 standard. The token-token will have the symbol BM.

Sales of BM (Bitcomo) markers will be carried out in two stages: pre-sale stages and ICO. Pre-sale sales will be conducted from October 28 to December 5, 2017. While ICO sales will be made on February 16, 2018.

Do not let you skip the merger and invest in this intellectual idea, owned by BItcomo. The possibility of ICO is limited in time, and you will receive an advantageous bonus offer during the ICO for the last time. After the completion of the ICO, there will be no more bonuses and prices.


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