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Hello friends, subscribers and guests of my blog Golos. Today I would like to tell you about the platform of Cashaa.

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The Cashaa platform operates on artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. At the same time, a system is being created for people who do not use the services of the banking sector. They can still send money transfers, draw up loans, open an account, take insurance and do a number of other operations. Such a wide range of convenient features and the lack of an audience make the Cashaa platform particularly attractive. At the same time users do not need to understand in detail the technical nuances of work with blockchain. Simply install the platform, and you can use the services. The user friendly and intuitive interface will help the user to quickly perform various operations. This service also has no restrictions on the availability of a bank account. What approach was used to implement the Cashaa system?

The platform operates on the main five components. These components make it possible to add new functions to the platform and maintain a sufficiently high level of security. This system attracts, since many employees require a high level of reliability to store a large amount of data in special stores. The developers of Cashaa understood what needs to be done to quickly enter the market. Therefore, they teamed up with other major organizations to demonstrate technical features based on artificial intelligence. The project team perfectly understood what users need. The main requirements are the availability of user-friendly applications that allow you to perform online transactions, as well as the lack of complexity. This was provided by the platform using blockchain technology.

Cybersecurity is also crucial. Unfortunately, a number of attacks and hacking of personal data indicate that the most reliable system has not yet been developed. However, there are technologies close to it that users can trust. The Cashaa platform uses a number of ready-made solutions. They work to prevent a real-time threat. Thanks to their use, all necessary platform information is reliably protected. How does the system work at different levels? It is worth dwelling on this moment in detail.

The first step for each user is the CASConnect layer. At this stage, the e-mail ID and mobile phone number are verified. The more complicated the transaction, the more thorough the inspection, but it helps to reliably perform operations. There is a biometric test that an undocumented part of the population can apply. The next level (CASNet-) provides the ability to monitor transactions on blockchain technology. This level will have a certain mechanism that will allow you to determine the fee, stamp and bonus. The CASfabric level is a level for the exchange with the ability to exchange messages, as well as prevent hackers from being compromised. Also, through this level, there is a synchronization of time between participants in transactions and transactions. It is at this level that there are certain tools with which you can add new types of crypto-currencies, markets, traditional currencies. Here you can also create partner contracts for the stock traders. It only takes a few minutes to process the contract. Another level is CASChain. It allows you to make neutral compatibility of the crypto currency, so that traders choose their own kind of electronic money. These can be Bitcoin, Ether, or other tokens that are compatible with ERC-20.


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