"Disciplina" Project by TeachMePlease. ICO LIVE.

All of us in one way or another study constantly, throughout our life. From the very childhood we absorb information, then school, university, work, all our life we learn a lot of different things. And it is worth noting that the most important stage of our education is the school stage. Not all get a good school education, and the problem is for a number of reasons:

The students have this, lack of motivation to learn, there are no objective ratings that would stimulate students. Because of the lack of reliable ratings, in the future, higher institutions are forced to recheck the students coming to them, which causes an emotional impact on the students.
The educational institutions also have their own problems related to the difficulty of finding the right teachers with the necessary package of knowledge and skills, the impossibility of a qualitative assessment of the work of the teachers accepted, the inability to exchange data with other educational institutions, the weak security of databases that are easily forged or hacked.

To solve problems in the field of education, a DISCIPLINA project is being created, it will allow:
For educational institutions - to store all data in a single project network, to conduct electronic testing on a platform basis, to write down and store all evaluations in the block system, which will not allow forging data, to look at data on hired teachers using the block system, and not to doubt the reliability of the data.
Pupils will be able to make a choice of places for training with the help of independent assessment systems, store and submit their data on academic progress through the platform, and be sure of their reliability.
Using DISCIPLINA, the education sector will become more transparent. The task of the project is to create a network block, to store data on the entire history of human achievements, to provide institutions with a convenient tool for finding employees, to develop a mechanism for monetizing stored data
Creation of your own blockchain is necessary, because all data that will be stored in DISCIPLINA, should be not private, but have open access.

Since the project is built on an open file system, everyone can write software using the data from the DISCIPLINA blockchain, and the interaction between the software and the blockchain system will be provided through a special node. Thus, you can create a large number of software for different areas of activity, which only more popularizes the project.

The need to create such a project arose with the team when creating the marketplace TeachMePlease in 2016, in which 20,000 educational institutions are registered to date.
The DISCIPLINA project is created primarily for the education sector, using advanced technologies, which at the moment are blockchain technology. DISCIPLINA after the implementation of the project will become a single bank in which all the achievements of the person will be stored, and anyone who wishes, be it an employer or a higher educational institution, will be able to look at these data and be sure of their reliability.

In the project ecosystem, the DSCP token takes a major role, with the help of which you can pay for lessons from the teacher, even if it is 10,000 kilometers away from you, also DSCP tokens will be used on the TeachMePlease platform, no later than the second quarter of 2018. Users will be able to buy all the functionality of the service on TeachMePlease, and later, a plastic card will be issued whose number will be linked to your account in your personal account

Token Token: DSCP
The rate of the token is: 1 DSCP = 0.0005 ETH or 1 ETH = 2000 DSCP
Softcap: 7,000 ETH;
Hardcap: 34,000 ETH or $ 15,000,000
The maximum possible volume of emission: ≈ 95 000 000 DSCP

diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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