Hi friends and subscribers. In this article i wanna tell you about Egretia.
HTML5 - the language of structuring and displaying content on the Internet. Initially, his goals were to improve the support of multimedia technologies, maintain backward compatibility, convenient presentation on different types of devices and much more.

Some time ago, he was hammering with the popular Flash and eventually defeated him. Nevertheless, for a number of fronts, the shortcomings of HTML5 have not yet been eliminated. Perhaps, the Blockchain platform Egretia will be able to cope with them.

Generally speaking, Egretia is not only a Blockchain based platform in the sense of a distributed database and service (more precisely, the marketplace of games and applications), but also a framework, that is, a set of development tools.

It all began with the appearance in July 2015 in Beijing of Egretia Technology.
She tried to create an ideal platform for developers of mobile games and applications, and eventually released a dozen products in this area.
For example, Egret Engine is an open source engine for game authors. In the Chinese market, its share exceeded 70%. Based on the Egret Engine, the Beijing team produced Egret Gaming Solution - a working space (toolbox) for developing mobile content on HTML5.

The ideas of Egret Technology have borne fruit, otherwise its products would not have subdued the PRC. With the development of cryptocurrency technologies, the owners of the company decided to bring another powerful argument in favor of HTML5 - in fact, the Blockchain.

To this end, in 2017 they founded Egretia Foundation Ltd (based in Singapore) - a firm to promote the project on the ICO. The search for points of contact between HTML5 and the Blockchain was taken up by Egretia Blockchain Lab.

As for the people involved in Egretia, it is enough to say the following - all these are former or current specialists of Microsoft, Adobe, Qualcomm, Electronic Arts and other technological "bison".
For example, Peter Huang (founder of Egret Technology and a member of Egretia Blockchain Lab) collaborated with Adobe Systems for more than four years, and Dirk Mayer (co-founder of Egretia) has been with Adobe since the late 1990s, where he moved from an engineer to a top manager.

Egretia enters the market very timely. At the moment, interactive video is in full use in online (I will name the same online stores) - it's time to make HTML5 simple and accessible. The outlook for HTML5 in the video and the Internet is immense.
The platform Egretia will combine various products: marketplace for sale applications, the engine for their development, promotional tools for promoting software, an incubator, a place to trade in-game items and store them.

The developer who joined Egretia will have at his disposal convenient tools for creating games (they will become a specialization of the platform), marketing and sales.
Here are the main advantages of Egretia:

  • secure payment platform (no risks with a credit card). Naturally, international;
  • preventing the use of "cheats", etc. tricks in games (Egretia - for fair gameplay);
  • protection of intellectual property rights;
  • motivation of developers to prepare high-quality applications (since the complexity of handling HTML5 will remain in the past);
  • secure storage of user-defined virtual assets - for example, items obtained in games. Do not worry that your game progress will someday be suddenly dropped.
    In general, Egretia resembles the Russian-Singapore start-up VRT World. Both companies build a Blockchain marketplace (with a concept in the spirit of the Steam online store), only VRT World focuses on VR applications, and in the focus of Egretia, HTML5 applications.

    ICO Details
    Ticker: EGT (ERC20)
    Total tokens: 8,000,000,000 Egreten
    Price of the Token: 1 EGT = 0.0097 $ (0.00001 ETH)
    Tokens available on ICO: up to 39%
    Founders: 27%
    On marketing and business partners: 14%
    Team and advisers: 20%
    Software: 10,000 ETH
    Hardcap: 35,000 ETH
    Minimum / Maximum amount of investment: 0.1 ETH / 3 ETH
    Whitelist, KYC: Yes

    Personally, I believe that Egretia will become a successful project.
    First, startups rightly point to the cross-platform nature of HTML5 technology (the ability to use in games, advertising, video, etc.).
    Secondly, the strategic partners of Egretia are Google and Facebook, which, of course, support the promotion of HTML5.
    Thirdly, now the share of HTML5-games on the mobile market is 47% - impressive, is not it?
    And fourthly, this is an extremely profitable sphere - the volume of the HTML5-games market in China alone last year exceeded 10 billion yuan ($ 1.58 billion), and the start-up market opportunities in the international market are estimated at $ 100 billion.
  • http://egretia.io/
  • Whitepaper

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