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Flixxo - The next possible project for forecasting on the WINGS platform

Flixxo is a decentralized content distribution network based on BitTorrent protocols. Unlike other video platforms like Netflix or YouTube, Flixxo does not require much of the cost of broadband access to the Internet and the server. By refraining from centralized servers, Flixxo motivates its users to actively distribute content and encourages them to use Flixx tokens for this. Users will be required to use Flixx tokens to watch new videos.

The first thing to start with is to understand who WINGS is going to collaborate with. A couple of days ago I drew attention to the fact that in the Russian-speaking branch on bitcointalk.org the topic Popcorn Time and RSK Labs FLIXXO - a decentralized platform. This project is going to hold its ICO in October. It is noteworthy that on the official website of the flixxo.com project, among the partners is WINGS.
Facebook, Instagram or Twitter awaits promotional likes for a new post. The greater the likes, the more the person comes the sense of necessity, importance, significance, and, of course, stimulates the creation of new "masterpieces". But since there is an unlimited reserve of Likes, they do not have a real value either.
In this post, I would like to tell you about FLIXXO, which most likely will make true success in the ICO space and turn our attitude towards the entire media product.

As the project description suggests, Popcorn Time and RSK Labs have developed a decentralized FLIXXO platform. This platform allows you to share video content. One of the world's most popular video viewing services, Popcorn Time, will provide a great tool for monetization through the use of smart contracts.

As the developers say, the creator of the platform Popcorn Time, whose number of users exceeds 100 million people, is preparing to blow up the industry with its new service Flixxo. Since launching Popcorn Time, its developers have offered to view non-licensed video material. However, they have now found appropriate technology using intelligent contracts to legalize content and create a robust business model.

Each author using the Flixxo platform downloads content to the network, and chooses a promotion model: how much does the content look and what percentage of the earnings it will give to the distributors. The higher the percentage, the more interested

network in video distribution. If the user has run out of credit, he can view sponsored content in exchange for Flixx tokens. This structure creates an organic market: advertisers must buy Flixx tokens from content creators to display their sponsoring materials.

Currently, the Flixxo booklet is available in English only. But developers promise to soon release and the variant in Russian.

If you have a desire to participate in the WINGS forecasting, you can start collecting and analyzing information. It is better to start doing it before. And that can come out as I have, as I wrote at the very beginning, when I did not have time to vote. Since WINGS does not take a lot of time to vote, it is very important to follow the terms.

I remind you that by taking part in the WINGS platform for prediction, you get the opportunity to receive tokens for new projects. And this is a very good opportunity to easily replenish your investment portfolio.

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