"Investaco.in" Engineered in Silicon Valley, Investa blends fintech, banking and crypto tech into a consumer enabling platform, for mobile financial freedom. ICO LIVE.

Hello friends, subscribers and guests of my Golos blog. Today i tell you about Investaco.in.
With the rapid, avalanche-like development of the modern market of virtual finance and services, you need a platform that will keep you afloat, help determine the choice, hold a deal and save yourself from trouble. The INVESTA platform knows what to do and proposes a plan for the development of a new independent open project based on the INV token.

INVESTA platform is essentially a digital bank based on a block of technologies, with decentralized management, which will allow all registered project participants not only to monitor activities, but also to maintain direct communication with the team via social networks Telegram Twitter, etc. as well as community forums. Access to INVESTA services is possible not only with PC and MAC, but also through mobile devices. Access in online mode is possible in 24/7 mode. You can contact the inquiries at www.inwestaco.in.
Using the INVESTA exchange and its exchange partners, you can get better liquidity and optimal conditions for securing your transactions at any time convenient for you. The INVESTA exchange is multilingual, supporting the world's 10 major languages. It is the most international platform of the world's crypto currency market.

The big advantage is the speed of the platform, having the ability to process thousands of operations per second, it allows you to make transactions almost instantly. Unlike other exchanges, INVESTA sets a 0.5% exchange commission to increase the profitability of traders. We also note the possibility of working with many fiat currencies. Providing security for the project, the system will comply with anti-money laundering laws.
INVESTA will offer very convenient conditions for client authentication, since the first call the whole process will take no more than 24 hours.

An ATM system is being developed that allows the client to carry out operations in both directions and work with the local currency. Using an electronic purse together with INVESTA debit cards, you can freely use your crypto money without waiting for transactions from one place to another.
INVESTA also offers its investors who own INV tokens several programs for obtaining a stable income. The platform will protect, multiply your investments and provide the best results in the market of crypto currency.
The start of sales of INV tokens will begin in the period from May 1 to June 30. By registering on the site www.inwestaco.in to participate in the bidding, you will receive a notification of the start of the promotion. Do not miss your chance to become part of a new promising project that will open the world of crypto currency with wide opportunities.


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