"JoyToken" ICO LIVE.

Hello everyone, today I'm writing about a project whose target audience should primarily be fans of online gambling. This is the project JOY Token.

Gambling - a kind of games in which victory depends solely on luck and luck, and not on the skills and abilities of the player. A vivid example is an online gaming machine. Gembling works on the principle of probability theory. (lucky/unlucky)

The main problem, in my opinion:
And it would seem that a player and a casino should be on equal terms, since the chance or defeat affects both sides, but no. Often, a player sits down for such a game already in the role of a loser, since the outcome is already predetermined, but just does not know about it. Cases of fraud in online gambling are not controlled in any way and no one knows what program is programmed for this or that game.

JOY Token creates a technology that will bring justice and honesty into gambling. The ecosystem of the project is formed from 3 components:

  • Random number generator,
  • Blockchain layer interlayer,
  • A gaming platform.

    JOY Token will use smart contracts. The player participates in the game deal using the JOY token, this information is recorded in the smart contract. Then everything depends on the random number generator. The outcome of the last is fixed in the contract, the player sees it. The bottom line is the absence of fraud and the substitution of a genuine result from the casino.

    Another example of bad faith is the creation of a "deposit" in gaming rooms. The player sends money to the casino account and thus runs the risk of not getting them back.
    In the JOY Token project, the player has control over his funds using smart wallets. The casino does not have the ability to block funds or refuse withdrawal, because under the terms of the contract the player either gets them (in case of victory) / loses (in case of defeat).

    Do not think that the pluses will only get players. Casino, playgrounds and other organizers of online gambling will receive an additional flow of customers. The bottom line is that one of the biggest fears of potential players is injustice and lawlessness on the part of the casino, which can not be fought.
    Since the main cause of fear is eliminated - players will easily go to the game, and many, perhaps, will become regular customers.

Soft cap: 46,340,000 USD
Hard cap: 1,000,000 USD
Sale price: 1 JOY = 0.20 USD


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