"Nauticus" ICO LIVE.

Hello friends and guests of my Golos blog. I already wrote articles on crypto exchange exchanges, but I could not ignore this ICO. Let's understand why I decided so, because there are already a lot of crypto-exchange exchanges. But now almost all exchanges are centralized, this is a complete contradiction with the blockbuster. Cryptocurrency and lock-up are first of all decentralization. And in the future, centralized exchanges simply will not have a place in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to create decentralized exchanges. Nauticus is registered in Australia. The company will launch its mining pool to ensure the work of the exchange.

At first, I was attracted to high marks by a lot of aysio trackers.
And I started to understand the project further. Soft Cap has already been assembled, that is, the project will be launched regardless of whether more money will be attracted.
There will be a lot of coins on the exchange, at first there will be 100 of them, then they plan to add 300 more coins, which will allow the exchange to enter the list of the best stock exchanges, thanks to the large assortment on it. After all, this is now also a problem, for example, I have to work not with one or two exchanges, because the coins that I need to work are on different exchanges. More details can be read in the technical documentation, I will attach all necessary links under the article. A lot of coins will provide comfortable work for traders and simple holders of crypto currency. In addition, from the very beginning, 6 pairs of fiat money will also be represented on the exchange. This will solve many problems existing now. To make money on the exchange, we have to use exchangers, waste time and lose interest. All this is very inconvenient for users and requires a solution.

Cryptocurrencies in our time are beginning to gain popularity, so the market is simply huge. The exchange is registered in Australia, even if it recruits the target audience from Australia, then this will be enough, so that we can multiply your capital by buying the exchange's tokens now. But I doubt that the exchange will be limited to one continent. The sale of tokens is still ongoing. The exchange will operate under all laws that operate in Australia, so we will need to pass KYC.

The task of Nauticus is the creation of a transparent and reliable technology that can provide payment solutions for the banking, e-commerce and security of transactions.

And so friends, let's sum up: I believe that the project is quite interesting, we do not have enough high-quality exchanges, but those that work with Fiat and can be counted on the fingers. The company solves the problems of traders and makes the job more convenient.

P.s: Remember that I give you only information and reason for reflection. I do not call for anything. Investments are always connected with risks, but the risk is noble.


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