"OTPPAY" Your Next-Gen Crypto Banker. ICO LIVE.

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Cryptocurrency is getting bigger and bigger every day. Many people begin to use it for various financial transactions. Often, money is transferred to digital and vice versa. And, of course, all those who use crypto currency, there is a desire to simplify the whole process, make it quick, safe and reliable. Users of the project OTPPAY https://www.otppay.io/ take the wishes of users. According to the idea of the developers, the OTPPAY platform will become one of the world's largest sites, which will allow carrying out transactions using crypto currency and fiat money. This platform will provide the ability to calculate digital money when making purchases. In this case, any crypto currency will be converted into OTPPAY tokens, and tokens into a currency. The whole process will occur quickly and with a low commission.

The main goal of the team is to combine the existing traditional banking system and the financial world with cryptocurrency. Developers when creating the application will take into account the need to prevent illegal circulation of money. Also, the database of suspicious transactions with their future blocking will be processed to improve the security of the site. The application of artificial intelligence methods on the platform will create a credit rating of the CCR. The OTP tokens will be the service markers of the OTPPAY project. Customers will be able to use OTP tokens when making financial transactions on the platform, like any other crypto currency and fiat money. The cost of OTPPAY markers is directly proportional to the number of transactions on the platform.
This project will make crypto-currencies and operations with them accessible to ordinary people. The platform will provide an instant exchange of digital money for traditional currencies. Buying, selling, converting, transferring from one purse to another - all this can be done by any person using the OTPPAY platform. Reliability and transparency of operations will be ensured by blockchain technology. Users will conduct financial transactions using a mobile application. A non-contact debit card will also be offered for calculations, which can be used in different countries.

The sale of OTP tokens will take place in several stages. Now PRE ICO is being conducted. The cost of 16,000 markers in this period is 1 ETH. Also, buyers will get a 20% bonus. The end of the PRE ICO on April 3, 2018. Then there will be two stages of ICO. Do not miss your chance. Take full advantage of the new OTPPAY financial technology product.


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