"PHI Token" Hybrid platform for hybrid investments. ICO LIVE.

New platform PhiToken, whose goal is to combine all of your investment assets in a single financial unit. Ie this project can be called an aggregator for managers of their own and other people's assets. Development of the platform will have a positive impact on the development of social trading tools close to the professional level.

Pproject is notable for its innovation due to the complete automation and application of the Blockchain. But, Blockchain technology gives not only automation, but also transparency, which plays a special role for new market participants, as well as accessibility, transparency and credibility among potential customers.

A new class of financial assets Crypto-Assets on the basis of a single working ecosystem with all the necessary tools will allow managers and planners of finance not only to increase the target audience interested in working with them, but also to use several lines of management to support customers.

Platform is able to meet the needs of both private and institutional clients. And thanks to BDMS (documentation management system on the Blockchain), consistency, invariability, and reliable data storage are ensured, ie the authenticity of the document at all levels.

What is important, the company responsible for the technical implementation of the project is the company Diaman SCF S.R.L., which will create business models on the block for professional investors.

Selling tokens
Sale takes place in three steps:

  • Pre-sale - with a huge discount, 3 524 578 tokens sold.
  • Pre-ico - sold, 524,578 tokens with a large discount.
  • ICO - sale of the remaining 7 881 192 token, ICO will last until March 21.
    It is worth noting that to buy tokens only ETH is accepted.

Tokens will be used as follows:

  1. In the form of a share: planners of finance, investors and others, will be able to use the project for free, but for this they must have coins on the account.

  2. In the form of a means of payment: the investment platform and financial instruments will accept tokens as a means of payment, and a cashback of 30% will motivate payment in tokens.

  3. In the form of compensation: the platform will reimburse 15% of the payment for productivity and 50% of the taxes.

    Road map
    The website of the project presents their road map for the next 2 years.
    So, briefly tell you about what is written here and what awaits us:

The first quarter of 2018 - the ICO (already underway)
The second quarter of 2018 - access to exchanges and authorization of MFSA;
The third quarter of 2018 - working with DIAMAN Tech and EXANTE Crypto;
The fourth quarter of 2018 - work with the assets of CryptoAssets;
The first quarter of 2019 - the opening of an office in the United States;
The fourth quarter of 2019 - the receipt of certificates.

Is the project worth attention and investing? Definitely yes, it is an interesting and modern investment platform with professional tools and excellent technical implementation from a well-known company. The project will be of interest to all investors.


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