SCAVO Technologies is a new company that positions itself with a new mining solution. Innovation is achieved using renewable energy sources for power mining devices, which is a very big plus for our ecology, since the production of electricity on coal creates a lot of emissions into the atmosphere that harm our planet.

The company was established on August 1, 2017 and achieved good results in this direction. Mining platforms already receive uninterrupted clean energy.

SCAVO Technologies focuses on complete autonomy over time. It was for this purpose that the development of the system was carried out that would allow producing electricity for mining without harm to the environment. Wind power, solar systems, and hydroelectric power will be used to produce electricity. In addition, if a surplus of electricity is observed in the system, it will be sold to local power grids so that the company can receive income not only because of the building equipment.
It is planned that the installed equipment will be fully operational for at least 10 years.

Scavo https://scavo.technology Technologies is a symbiosis of server farms. this applies to all aspects of the maning industry as such. If a company creates its own capacities, it will become completely independent of many factors that prevent other companies from being successful. Plus, as a bonus, the electricity for the company itself will be free, which will allow the equipment to work even in bad times for mining. Scavo Technologies will create a well-equipped system for each user so that he can comfortably use the services of the company. It is always nice when customers are satisfied with the company they cooperate with in one way or another.

At the moment, the problem will be the purchase of equipment for the extraction of cryptocurrency. After all, there is demand, even in such a market. Of course, there must be negotiations with various equipment suppliers in order to be able to buy equipment at the lowest possible price. Also, questions will arise in the logistics of large quantities of equipment, and this implies customs clearance and other procedures.

In order to more effectively solve these issues with customs, SCAVO Technologies was registered in the register of importers exporters of Argentina. This allowed directly and without intermediaries to gain access to the necessary hardware (ASIC, graphics processors, printed circuit boards, etc.), while greatly reducing costs. The company has agreements with many companies for the purchase of equipment in bulk at a competitive price.

Each project of this scale must be scalable. Therefore, the company pays a lot of time to the problem of scalability of this project. To this end, it is planned to make cryptocurrency mining systems modular so that they can be quickly moved and connected to other, more suitable places for this, if required. The commineers engineers were designed in a modular way. Ie it will be possible to enable and disable equipment without violating the integrity of the main center.

In the framework of the tokenail project plans to build a large mining center for the extraction of basic cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as well as altcoins. It is assumed that the platform will work offline without the use of external power sources. The construction and commissioning will be carried out in accordance with the project roadmap, which anyone can see on the project website.

At the moment, SCAVO https://scavo.technology has already established the necessary business relationships with various technology companies and specialists from around the world to make this project a reality.

At the moment, the cryptocurrency is going through hard times. If the team will try and do everything to ensure that the project was successful, then he really has prospects. If not, then it may suffer the fate of other similar projects.
Take a closer look at this project.
And of course, always think with your head before investing.
Thanks for staying with me and good luck!

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