"Uservice" Global Decentralized Blockchain Platform For Automotive Industry. ICO LIVE.

Good afternoon dear friends. Today I would like to talk in this article about such a problem as lack of information in the field of transport. Now there is a global problem, for example, in the car sales market. The secondary market is in the shadows, because when selling a car the seller knows more about it than the buyer. Accordingly, the buyer is afraid to take and because of this the machine loses much in price. The seller in turn can sell the faulty car accordingly because of it prices and demand of the market fall. those who sell good good cars, respectively, because of very low prices leave the market. This problem is not the only one in the field of transport. There are also a lot of neponyatok in the field of vehicle maintenance, insurance, payments, and so on, the like. In fact, I would like to combine all this into one and make this system decentralized and very open to users. Then even when buying a car there will be no doubt that you are taking a car without a bad history and first and foremost serviceable. Yes, this problem can be solved. To help us comes a very interesting project called Uservice.

The project data is based on a block system with the function of smart contracts. As you can understand, this system is decentralized. Let's take a closer look at this project and we will work together to understand what and how.

This platform offers us to make transactions through smart contracts, without resorting to legal assistance. Thanks to a smart contract, any operations with the car will be transparent and open to all users. Also I would like to say that this platform is an online platform. The system is intended not only for the registration of vehicle data, it will also store this information. Automotive services, car dealers, insurance companies can also join this system. Thanks to this, the demand for blocking technologies will increase and accordingly all operations with the car in the automotive industry will be on transparent terms. In my opinion, this project is making a huge breakthrough in the automotive industry. The project already has a fully working platform and is very successful in Europe, having passed through the market and heading it in this industry. At the same time, this project has very good investments, more than $ 10 million. Also, the developers of this platform are very concerned about the deterioration of the environment through the release of waste into the environment after servicing cars. Since, this platform will be distributed around the world, accordingly it will collect data from its partners, and will monitor the proper utilization of waste. The platform also has experience in consultation with WWF.

I can not help but note that this platform has its own token. It is necessary for internal operations on the platform, and unites all users. The amount of this currency will be limited. the company expects a very good increase in users during sales and accordingly the price and demand for this token will grow. Also this token can be used not only by car owners, but also by such companies as one hundred, spare parts suppliers, car parks, insurance companies.

With the help of this Tokina it will be possible to perform such operations as checking the spare parts for originality, checking the car, getting full information about this vehicle. You can also pay for services from partners, pay for services within the platform itself, purchase and placement of advertising. As you can see, this project is very interesting and considering that it already shows itself well enough in the market, I think it will have a promising future. Think about it, it solves most of the problems associated with the automotive industry. What was previously hidden from the same buyer, now will be in sight and the seller will not be able to hide any little things. A smart contracts will make transactions very open and accessible, without involving legal companies.


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