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All individuals no matter of what caste and creed they belong to, they are male, female or of other gender, what religion they belong to, deserves the right to vote. Voting rights are equal for one and all and it surely is one of our foremost duty to cast a vote. After all, it depends totally on us how we want our government to function and for the same, pitching in your vote turns out to be one big decision. Voting is the power which is given to all the citizens so that they can elect their representative who will run the nation. Every person thinks differently and has his own needs, and the one government which provides a suitable manifesto we vote in favor of that government.

We all need basic rights and these rights are known as the fundamental rights. Out of the several fundamental rights, one is the voting right. Now, all individuals in the present day should be aware of their rights especially the voting one and must vote during elections. Votem App is a strategy adopted by the government so that each and every citizen of the country gets an opportunity to vote for his suitable representative, so that in future he may get selected by the majority and rules the nation and accomplishes his proposed manifesto.

Solutions Offered
Votem App is a strategy adopted by the government so that each and every citizen of the country gets a fair opportunity to vote. At times we miss upon the voting date allotted to our region where we live which could be due to work load, travelling or any other, so even if the person is away from his hometown, he can still vote for the representative which he finds suitable using the app, Votem.

There are various benefits of using the application, which are enlisted as follows:

Unalterable: The votes which are given to the suitable representative by the person, cannot be altered and the data stored is directly sent to the required destination without any aberrations.

Fault tolerant: In order to make sure that the elections can be carried out within in a defined time frame, it stores the records of the cast votes across the distributed network.

100% Verifiable: By the help of this feature the voters, political parties, watchdogs can be double sure about whom they have given their vote to, is he the selected candidate or not or in case they have a doubt that they have voted for a wrong candidate, then all these things can be verified or checked.

Auditable: This feature of the app, allows the users to check the auditabilty at various levels. By the help of this feature various cast votes can be recorded in the given time and can be verified at multiple levels.

ICO and Team
The country origin of Votem is the United States of America. Its key idea is to increase the number of the active voters worldwide by providing them quality services, compatibility and ease in voting facilities which will ultimately increase the number of active voters in a nation. The founder of this novel idea is Pete Martin, a successful serial entrepreneur. Along with him there are hard working and sincere team who will make sure that the project reaches great heights in the coming years.

Success requires a company's hard work, dedication and at last the most difficult task patience. If you have these three things then success isn't far away. Votem promises to provide the best voting services and compatibility to its users. From the past years the company has received immense popularity and success. With time and the hard work it will reach its destined heights. We all must appreciate the efforts by the Pete Martin for coming up with a very novel idea, Votem is very beneficial for the present days voters worldwide.

Website - http://www.votem.io/
Whitepaper - http://www.votem.io/assets/docs/wp.pdf


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