"White Rabbit" Stream it all, without stealing at all. ICO LIVE.

What do we do when we want to be distracted from life's worries and troubles? That's right, watch movies! It is a very easy and practical way to get new impressions and improve your mood. Many make this process even more accessible, downloading movies from torrents or doing online browsing. But the price for all this is an abundance of advertising. It will periodically distract you and spoil the whole impression of viewing. What to do? Recently there was an interesting alternative - a start-up White Rabbit!
On the Internet, the shortcomings of the distribution of digital content have not been completely overcome. The license and content for online theaters is quite expensive, so we will not see a huge selection of movies here. As a consequence, and viewing will cost a lot, comes to the fact that its cost is comparable to a trip to a regular movie theater. To justify the costs, online theaters launch a huge amount of advertising. The activity of such offices is not transparent to the end, monetization uses complex schemes. All these shortcomings give rise to the development of piracy in all its manifestations, which again only worsens the overall picture. In addition, the pirates themselves also want to earn extra money on advertising. A vicious circle, and the impression of viewing is hopelessly spoiled.
New solution
That's where White Rabbit appears! (https://whiterabbit.one/). The solution is a system of p2p-access ("me-to-you") to any content in the world, based on the current technology of blocking. Blocking provides transparency of cash flows and their ordering, with no leakage. And most importantly, the global problem of remuneration for the author of content is solved - viewing is paid directly to the creator or rightholder. This allows to positively influence the pricing and the quality of the provided content, because authors are now interested in working better and better.
How the system works
In fact, it's not just easy to use White Rabbit, it's very simple! This plug-in for the browser, which behind the external simplicity hides in itself deep things. It allows you to build a model of monetization to authors, publishers and investors, and also provides content to the consumer at an inexpensive price. All the winners!

A. White Rabbit is an easy-to-install and use plug-in for the browser.
• Installs simply and quickly in any browser that you have on the system;
• the content when it is downloaded to p2p or open server-side streaming sites is recognized;
• the set fee is deducted for the content;
• the film / episode falls into the user library White Rabbit;
• All payments for the product are transparent and instant.
B. How the White Rabbit user library works:
• The user library is accessible through a plugin or website;
• The library provides access to streaming content of stunning quality;
• A huge selection of additional options is available - cut scenes, director versions, alternative endings, scenes behind the scenes, products for fans, symbols, related products and much more;
• contains platforms for communication between fans and filmmakers (VR, AR, forums, etc.)
• The White Rabbit ecosystem allows you to create new revenue streams and services, stimulating a buzz around the content.
B. Legality of content


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