Hello from America. My name is Drpuffnstuff!

I have been on Steemit for a while, so I have known about Golos. I just found out how to get on, it took me a while because I couldnt verify my phone number. I finally did it though. I will spend some time trying to find some people with the same interests, and making friends. Then later in the week I will make an introduction post.


I am hoping to buy some Golos while everything is red. If you guys will accept me that is.

I am a Libertarian, I like Austrian Economics. I like to study cryptocurrency and blockchains. I will apologize for my overreaching government and tell you they don't act on my behalf. I hope that with blockchains and decentralization, that we can remove borders, and stop funding war. That we can move beyond that, and start evolving into better humans! I like reading books, playing video games, learning about blockchains, and contemplating the future! These are my notes from the underground.

If you ever want to ask anything to an American that is not an asshole, or drinking the koolaid! Feel free to ask me anything!

Thanks for taking the time, to read. I hope that it was mostly legible. If you are on Steemit, follow me there and say hi, my page is here

woot woot,

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life = 42 - My hobbies are LUE- History-Science-Cryptos-Books-Games-Adventures-And sometimes TV and Movies as well! Fan of Mr. X , H.S.T , R.S.B , And EOS too

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