Здравствуйте Hey friends in Golos, this is Joy. I'm a newbie here.

Hey, this is Joy here, I heard Golos because I'm on Steemit :D I have an account there.

I'm a (almost full-time) traveler and I like to share different culture and interesting stories I experience from my past and ongoing trips. I have a good friend who's from Kazakhstan, from him I learnt a lot about the culture of CIS countries. I hope one day I can make a big trip around those countries.

me and my Kazakh friend in Brussels

I live in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. I've been living here for quite a long time. The country is multilingual, so I become multilingual too. As you can see, my account name is @joybijna, "bijna" means almost in Dutch.

Yet I'm not really "almost" joy, I'm pretty much all the time joyful and happy. XD

I'm a crypto girl, I love to research different cryptos.

Travel is my biggest passion I'm a student of tourism but I don't like how the tourism goes in today's society. I'd like to make a change to it, I already have some ideas about a decentralized sharing and stackexchange platform, I hope I don't procrastinate too long.

here are some of my travel photos:

in Japan

in Iran

in Morocco

in India

in Bolivia

I'd love to keep sharing my travels and thoughts with you in Golos XD

Thanks for your time to read this and nice meeting you.


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