Illusion and it's impact on our life.

Dear friends good evening let's start the journey of our Crypto world again. This world is nothing but an illusion. The world seems to us so unique, wonderful and attractive. In real the world is an illusion, where we are running after this illusion and never retain perfection instead of it we feel never contented, never fulfilled. The world is an abode of dissatisfaction, incomplete and a cause of worries. Hence there is need of detachment with the worldly affairs completely.


Dear friends the lust of money may never be satisfied. The whole world is running after money, however rich he may be. The hunger of amassing money and temporal achievement is never satisfied. We feel more and more need of worldly materials because there is a blind race of accumulating materialistic things around us.


Only detachment with world and attachment with the Supreme soul can satisfy, our lust, our hunger, and it may advance us towards true peace and love. So we should repel from the world and move towards the God, the superpower of controlling this world.

Dear friends, I tried my best to make this post grammatically error free but if something found error please forgive me and enjoy the message behind my article.

Thank you, dear friends, for your Love and support


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Be With Us For A Better Tomorrow.

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