Sauna and its benefits on our health

The sauna is a well-being ritual, its origin comes from Finland. It consists of staying for a moment in a room heated to high temperature, then to leave to enjoy the warm-cold alternation.


The benefits of the sauna :

The action of the heat in the sauna and the different hot-cold passages provide extraordinary benefits that relax your body, and recreate your well-being.

  • Relaxation : The sauna session is very good to fight against stress and tension and get rid of any negative energy. Thanks to the heat, your body releases endorphins that promote relaxation and sleep. This is why it is often advisable to practice the sauna just before going to bed, because it helps to sleep better.


  • Purifying action : Thanks to the dry heat of the sauna you will have a strong perspiration as well as the dilation of the pores of the skin. It helps flush toxins accumulated by your body. The sauna also relaxes the skin and improves its elasticity. The cold shower then helps to tighten the pores of the skin improving its appearance.


  • Muscle and Cardiovascular Action : The sauna helps the cardiovascular system function properly because it helps to dilate the blood vessels. It also helps keep blood pressure low. Increasing the speed of blood circulation helps to quickly relieve muscle aches and other body aches.

    • The improvement of the immune defenses : The heat of the sauna puts the body in a state of artificial fever. This artificial fever stimulates the immune system and leads to increased production of white blood cells and antibodies and therefore to fight against diseases. For example The sauna allows you to protect yourself from influenza epidemics.



    Thank you for reading, I wish a successful life to everyone.

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