📝 HF 0.2 Date Changed to 24th of July 2017 12.00 GMT & Golos.io Client Update (GOLOS)

Due to difficulties that arose in developing API calls and plugins for the correct operation of Golos exchange (with future tokens aka UIA) we are forced to move the HF 0.2 date to 24th of July 2017 12.00 GMT.

At the moment the development is nearly finished, and main work is going into plugin (market_history_plugin) for displaying the history of exchange feeds from the daemon side.

Difficulties are caused by the necessity of modifying bucket_object and order_history_object to be able to interact with asset exchanged. We tried to implement usage of versioning for database objects, but it wasn’t required for second object, and implementing that only for the former was to lengthy a process. In the end a new object called asset_bucket_object appeared.

According to the roadmap of GOLOS.io client updates we implemented the following:

  • Email & SMS only registration is enabled (social networks are temporarily disabled)
  • Addon “Up” arrow was added for automatic scrolling of the page
  • Implemented QR-codes for passwords in users wallet
  • Added an ability to change UI language of the page header without requiring to log in
  • Added additional icons in the top menu
  • Added an ability to load images during post creation locally from the users device (you can add an image directly into the application)
  • Added an ability to show post feed created by users in their national language (functionality will start working after the HF)
  • RocketChat icon moved to the top right corner of the interface header
  • Page colors in single style
  • Change in post display, author avatar displayed next to the author
  • Added “Share in LiveJournal” button
  • Option to “share in alternate sources”
  • Comments display the nesting depth
  • Added “extend payouts” button (currently inactive till HF)
  • Long comment branches are automatically folded (comment depth restriction would change after HF)
  • During browsing of a post author avatar is displayed in the header
  • Added contemporary css-animation to blue “Upvote” button
  • Blockchain interaction logic for GOLOS blockchain is implemented using golos-js library, it offers simple API to build any applications that need to interact with GOLOS
  • Internal market and expanded wallet functionality are being worked on and will become operational after the HF
  • Minor logic changes to tolstoy client allow for better performance

Changes are active.

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