📝 HF 0.2 Status update for 26th September 2017 (GOLOS)

Good day!

We’re in a haste to report, that GolosCore team is actively working on the final tasks for HF 0.2, to release it as soon as possible. In comparison to the work that is already done only so much is to be finished. We’re really valuing the attention to our work and worry about the dates for HF 0.2. Special thanks go to @blockchained and @litrbooh for special interest thanks to which the work is humming even more

From the latest tasks following ones are ready and awaiting release as part of HF: ability to search by languages, correct interpretation of fixed_string in json operations is implemented, as well as an ability to use cli_wallet as a console utility.

Development is currently nearing the final stage of completion.

Main work is being done on the following tasks:

Difficulty of implementing the first issue is connected to the necessity to support changed asset structure in all operations, as well as an ability to convert them in different versions of HF to support compatibility with different versions of protocol. Those changes affect the base, interpretation functionality in all operations, which required significant refactoring and writing of huge amount of code. Most of work on this issue is complete, so if no special complications arise, then we’re waiting to be able to close this task. Work on the second one has been happening for prolonged period. The team is working on fixing the incorrect operation of API. Some difficulties were encountered in reproducing of the error. But it is currently determined and understood what it consists of. Developers are working on fixing this bug.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day,
GolosCore team

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