"BABB" Everyone is a bank. ICO LIVE.

Babb - in other words Bank Account Based Blockchain is a new platform, built on the use of technology:

  • Blockchain;
  • biometrics;
  • smart contacts;
  • artificial intelligence.

To date, the system has already been registered as a payment institution in the UK, controlled by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, which stands for Financial Supervision and Regulation Authority) and uses 5 patents in its core. The uniqueness of BABB is also connected with the fact that it is completely decentralized and allows absolutely any user to have free access to a financial account for any money transactions. The main difference between the system and conventional Internet banking is its increased security. In addition, the project is suitable for use by freelancers and large corporations. The application will help reduce the costs of maintaining the business, and will allow to keep in a single portfolio a variety of crypto currency and fiat money. In order to comfortably use the platform, the user issues his own card - the Black Card (in other words, The Black Card), which allows you to fully manage your account balance, and also to spend currency with it.

To use the banking system BABB the user needs to install the application on his mobile phone. Next, make a selfie so that your photo is attached to the account and after the platform will require to read a special code to install a voice signature. Next, you will be able to fully use the platform, including all the services of an ordinary bank, only at a lot cheaper. According to the developers, BABB is promising in the development of central banks. They will be able to develop a crypto currency for improving microeconomics.

ICO Babb starts on February 6, 2018 and will last exactly a month until March 6, 2018. The distribution of tokens will be as follows: 60% - public sales, 20% - tokens intended for the team, 18% - tokens of founders and investors, 2% - Bounty Company (incentive payments). It is noteworthy that the first year's team tokens will be frozen, and in the future it is planned to release 25% of tokens every 6 months. To use the platform, you need the usual Ethereum wallets and ETH tokens. The maximum is planned to 1 billion tokens. The maximum amount of funds on the basis of sales of ICO BABB will be $ 50 million. The initial sales rate is not yet established. As a result of sales of ICO BABB tokens BABB, it is planned to use the attracted funds as follows: 30% for further development of updates and platform development, 20% for operations, 20% for marketing, 10% for legal services, 10% to create a reserve and 10% as movable capital.


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