"Bitcomo" Network on Blockchain. ICO LIVE.

It is known that to advertise something, you need to properly deal with it. And then the arena comes KYC a new level. Thanks to a reasonable procedure, know your customer, the platform is able to provide comprehensive information about the client, which will allow the performer to properly assess the object of future advertising, and, more importantly, to select the target audience.

We do remember - the customer pays not for clicks, but for actions that confirm the emergence of a new lead.
Moreover, you can not just connect a bot and earn money. The distributed project registry (we will also talk about it) allows you to capture cached actions that can be easily evaluated and re-checked afterwards.

Thus, Bitcomo will force advertisers to work for glory, so that the ad would like not only to press, but also do something else: register the user, or even make a purchase or subscription.

Also, users and operators of CPA networks know how many pitfalls lie at the bottom of the advertising business, because a lot of the moments need to be clarified and discussed with the performer before he engages in promoting the product. And there, where such a backlash on the left without attention, there are deceptions and fraud on both sides.

A smart contract is able to cope with this. After all, he can set absolutely any conditions, for example, time for work and for payment. In the field of advertising services this is a significant factor that determines the very process of work. Everything is written down, everything is conditioned: and the cheater has fewer chances.

As a block, only much faster.
Almost all the projects that we discussed with you were working on the Ethereum Blockchain, as the best solution was impossible to come up with. But, already today, we can confidently assert: there are technologies that can compete.

MetaHash introduced Tracechain - a faster but also reliable analog. The fact is that the load on the Ethereum registry makes the transactions in it slower each time.

Tracechain announced a speed of 500,000 operations per second, and competitors such opportunities are not yet available. Nevertheless, Tracechan promises to be as open to users, providing all the advantages that the Ethereum blocker gives us.

Well, we are looking forward to the work of Bitcomo and other projects on Traceyn - this may be a new breakthrough!
DAO - a new word in decentralization
Everyone has long understood that the centralized management model is outdated, and can no longer cope with the tasks that arise before the enterprise. Now we have a network in which all users of the platform interact on an equal footing.

The Board of Directors is no longer needed, because there are holders of tokens: they are able to solve any problem based on smart contracts, relying not on the strength of the authorities, but on the wisdom and good for the project.

Coin for advertising
The developers decided that the process will go more efficiently and transparently if all calculations in the system are made only by the project's tokens. No other crypto currency or fiat - only BM - Bitcomo tokens.

At any time, they can be purchased on the platform to immediately pay for the service or service of another user. Thus, the creators decided to protect their users: they can pay for services according to the rate that coins have at a particular moment in the market.

But do not think that this can cause inconvenience to holders of other coins. Bitcomo took care of users who have ETH or BTC. They will be able to use the service of automatic conversion through one of the partner exchanges of the project.

Despite the fact that the project itself will not work on the Ethereum Blockchain, the coins of the project will be compatible with the ERC20. And the reason for this is clear - just convenience. After all, it will be much easier for token holders to store their coins in purses.


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