"Connectius" Blockchain as a service solution (BaaS) that can be easily integrated into any existing e-commerce. ICO LIVE.

The Connectius project was created to minimize the risk of online store losses, service areas from the operational work of financial intruders. Thanks to a smart contract and Connectius, the seller of services and goods will be able to conduct transactions, secure transactions with potential customers. Thanks to the availability of such a system, each enterprise can increase the level of financial security and protection against risks in order to further gain privileges over competitors. For sellers and buyers in the system Connectius created a global discount system.

According to statistics and reports of some companies, in 2016 online shops earned at least 460 million dollars. At the same time, a certain percentage was spent on fighting fraudsters, about 25 percent of the profit was spent on improving security. On average, 8 percent of the income of each company fell into the hands of financial intruders, about 40 percent of transactions were false and to this day fraud is actively thriving. In this regard, in 2017, the Connectius system was developed.

As a means of a global mutual exchange between the project participants, Token acts, it unites representatives of service areas, online stores into one ecosystem. To visually demonstrate the process of functioning, after the Tokens start functioning, the Connectius.Experts application itself becomes available. This application is intended for purchase of goods, services, as well as execution of smart contracts. The virtual currency of the application is Token. Also there is a possibility of converting dollars through Token, if the cost of goods or services is provided on the website of the online store in dollars. In the future, secondary options for payment can be implemented and used, such a decision will directly depend on the development of virtual currencies and on the official opinion of the authorities. The Connectius.Ehpert application will be an analog of TaskRabbit and YouDo, as these sites allow users to search for performers of routine household tasks. The user will be able to register online in the application his requests to receive a list of services and goods from suppliers and sellers as current applications. Thanks to the smart contract, any transactions will be processed.

The Connectius project is a global and transparent method that allows you to service online transactions, conduct transactions and pay for the service using crypto currency. Blockchain technology is the basis for this ecosystem, smart contracts allow you to effectively manage and dispose of the company's finances on the current trading floor. This ecosystem is equipped with a wide range of services, a set of ready-made services that allow to optimize the work process of new and existing projects. The main advantage of the project is free access to Connectius. As part of the procedure for the Initial Placement, Token was issued. It is the only calculation unit in the ecosystem, all other means are converted. Token is paying for the services of the project and the services that online stores offer. On the Connectius platform in the near future it is planned to create its own service application Connectius.Express, it is based on an interactive map with geolocation, where the importers of services and goods will be concentrated. The application becomes more attractive externally and intelligently on a subconscious level to users due to the presence of a map with active objects. This decision was made in connection with the fact that according to statistics, most people stop using stationary computers gradually and give their preference to mobile computers.

There is an active development of services that use geolocation in their work. If a user has a household question, the answer to it can be given by a specialist who is located close to him and is also registered in the system. The system automatically selects the provider of the service. In its choice, the system focuses on the trust caused by the services that have proved themselves well-established, and are also located in relative proximity to the customer of the service.


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