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Distributed Credit Chain DCC Crowdsale!

The possibilities of our technological age are marked by two greatest discoveries the Internet and Blockchain. The first one gave us the possibility of global communication and instant data transfer between users, the second provided protection of confidential data and the impossibility of their forgery. DCC team saw this as an ideal basis for processing and creating a completely new model of the credit sphere.

DCC is a decentralized infrastructural ecosystem of financial services that unites the entire sphere in a peer-to-peer open network. Achieving such a consensus will mean creating a financial society of a new format for mutually satisfactory relations.

Developers of the project armed with available from the recently decentralized blockchain technologies and a lot of technical tools and knowledge, begin the process of transformation of existing business ecosystems. Building a global, global distributed bank, they are aware of this massive process. The creation of such an infrastructure can take five to ten years and a lot of various questions and required solutions. Despite this, we see a committed team ready to contribute to world development.

At the moment, the finance industry is a completely centralized structure. This means that any actions must be approved by the institutions through which we perform any kind of transactions and transactions. In turn, we must also use its product and accept its terms. Monopolistic organizations have set strict limits for their consumers. By greatly increasing lending rates for users and by reducing lending incomes for lenders, they created a non-practical interaction model tailored for their benefits.

The decision of the centralized crediting from DCC.
To address these centralized market issues, DCC is introducing a number of tools and approaches that can qualitatively influence the creation of a new, efficient mechanism of work.

  1. Identification system.
    DCC ID is the ID generated for members of the system, displaying a variety of information about the user. For example: Name, Number of property, Bank cards, etc. He links this information to the credit request chain: how much can be given, what risks, how will be repaid Information with this relationship can be stored in a distributed DCC repository.

Each stage of data exchange will be secured with a digital signature, to protect against fraudulent actions by third parties.

Manage personal data will be due to the open code. It will give you access to all the necessary information, and you can use different methods and access platforms to provide all or part of the data. With the help of their passwords, you can quickly and mobilely get any information of interest.

  1. Servicing of distributed loans.
    Distributed Credit Chain fully transforms the approach to the credit exchange system.
    A) Persons can predetermine the storage, use and transmission of data. Organizations to profit from the agreed, high-quality and safe transfer of information.
    B) The digital signature system and the Blockchain structure make it impossible to falsify and modify the data, in order to avoid fraud by either party.
    C) Decentralized inspection by independent organizations, will provide irrefutable evidence and absolutely accurate information.
    D) The user will be provided with an audit report by the information agency. They will operate on it during further operations.
    E) Combining credit records of different countries, regions and languages, will make it possible to carry out any credit scenario without borders and restrictions.

  2. The crediting process.
    Main stages and their mechanisms .
    Data. The user provides his SDV report to banking organizations, which makes it easy to integrate and verify his information data. Due to the constant renewal, organizations can be assured of authenticity, and the technology of block chains is unchangeable. This will help to avoid possible risks and optimize the system of interaction between the two sides as much as possible.

Crediting. Occurs in the process of the user adding a loan application to the blockchain, confirming it with his electronic signature. Further under the management of the smart contract, the application falls into the banking structure, where it is processed and a decision is made on it. Automation of the process and methods of collecting and storing information, help to avoid the services of many additional structures, facilitating the activities of banking organizations. Reports of credit operations. Intra-system indices will be created on the basis of activity processes in the structure of decentralized lending. They will be built on the basis of information about the user's actions (filing applications, repayments, arrears, delinquencies) and assisting banking structures in making decisions on a particular user.

  1. Optimization of the sphere.
    DCC unites a lot of the usual centralized systems, creating a single ecosystem, on the basis of equality and openness between its participants. The ease of using bilateral relations will help to avoid using additional services and the work of many banking departments. In turn, this will be the basis for a global decline in prices for services and interest rate growth, respectively. The openness of Blockchain technology opens up the possibility of the availability of such a set, since its users can absolutely trust the authenticity of the data it provides. It will be much easier for banking organizations to establish new standards for their work, which will greatly accelerate the introduction of such interaction on the scale of the world community. In more detail, I'll talk about each element.

    DApp (Decentralized Application) will provide a full range of tools and services for users and banks. Here it will be possible to register, service, analyze, process data of users by financial organizations. Those who want to apply for a loan will be able to do it inside the application. Also, DApp DCC will be a full-fledged platform for selecting organizations. This means that the client will be able to look at lending options and choose suitable conditions for himself. Thus, creating a competitive environment within the DCC network will facilitate the continuous development and improvement of banking institutions

Account (Wallet) System is your account. Its basis will be the user's wallet, created on the same principle as the Ethereum wallet. Each wallet will have a private and public key. The password for the account will be stored by several independent organizations. To restore it will need to be their interaction, because only with their consensus, it is possible to restore access. Such stringent security measures are simply necessary when it comes to preserving financial assets. DCC has very much approached protection systems, maximize the level of security and trust of users of the system.

Gateway API gateway providing the ability to connect to DCC without RPC (Remote Procedure Call). Together with this, a wide range of SDK and other services will be provided to scale the ecosystem of decentralized lending with as many participants as possible.

Open Platform is an open platform that is a data provider and is the market for interaction. Simply put, this is a platform on which services will be provided and deals will be concluded, operations will be viewed and data will be provided. The openness and transparency of this platform will serve as a reliable factor for choosing a DCC system.

Let's sum up the results.
Our rapidly developing world is on the verge of another revolutionary revolution that will affect the sphere of bank lending. The key player who wants to change the current rules of the game is DCC. Looking at the existing problems in this market and the growing demand among users, now is the time to start a technological revolution in the industry. Despite the long-term and large scale of such actions, the DCC team has put quite a strong position and has already done much to start this very revolution. I am more than sure that in a few years we will see an entirely new structure of loans and banking mechanisms in general, corresponding to our needs and demands.

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