"Fiancia" Revolutionary Global Platform for Copy Trading where Traders & Investors can trade cryptocurrencies online in a simple transparent and the more enjoyable way of using social network investment strategies of copy trading. . ICO LIVE.

The rapidly developing crypto-economy begins to dictate its terms to the modern world and opens up enormous opportunities for increasing its capital through trading and investing. In other matters, whether you are a profiteer or an investor, the goal for all is to improve your material well-being with a certain degree of risk.

As new technological projects enter the market, new cryptocurrencies are being introduced along with them. And practically under each cryptocurrency there is a certain technology aimed at solving a specific problem. And the sharper and more serious this problem is, the higher the value of the digital assets of the project is solving this problem. Since the projects create their own cryptocurrency for calculation for their services, thereby stimulating their domestic economy.

And now imagine that there are hundreds or thousands of such projects. The same amount of crypto-currency, and even more crypto-currency pairs for trade. Cryptoexchanges place on their sites the digital assets of not all projects, and this creates certain difficulties for traders.

Cryptoeconomics is just emerging, shaping its rules, philosophy and already has millions of adherents and enthusiasts. One of the difficulties of this area is the search for relevant and reliable news, because it is news that pushes the stock charts in one direction or another, which in some cases allows you to manipulate the market. The same problem is the lack of knowledge and experience among people entering this field. The threshold of entry to the crypto-currency market is very low and in principle anyone can afford it. But because of the lack of knowledge and experience, the bulk of traders very quickly merges their deposits.

Going to the essence of this article, I want to introduce to you the Fiansia project, which creates a platform that combines a set of tools and opportunities for earning money on crypto-pairs. Namely, the Fiansia platform will create an innovative terminal for traders and investors with more than 3,000 currency pairs for investment and trading activities. The terminal will be useful both for experienced traders and for investors wishing to increase their money. Its main advantage is the ability to copy-trader - copy the actions of experienced traders. The investor will be able to select a trader according to his strategy, assessing its risks and profitability. And invest in the management of this trader their finances.

At the same time, the project introduces a news channel dedicated to cryptoeconomics, decentralized projects, Blockchain. A kind of Crypto Business Community is being created. And in aggregate, the platform offers a solution with which even a beginner will be able to obtain the necessary news of cryptoeconomics, to bring into the terminal his money and multiply them, taking advantage of the experience of outside people. Naturally, the trader and the platform will retain their commissions, but their sizes are very adequate relative to those capabilities, which in principle give this platform.

And it all started with the fact that as the popularity of crypto-currencies increased and the public realized their potential, users started looking for any information about crypto-currency signals, advice from experienced traders, training videos and articles about trading. And the sources of this knowledge were practically the same authoritative experienced traders, experts in their field, who really understood the laws of kriptonka and how to make money on it. In social networks like mushrooms, paid groups and channels began to appear with valuable advice and analytics. Then the team Fiansia decided to offer the world an innovative solution, combining the supply and demand on its platform. At the same time, not forgetting to provide users with fresh news from the world of cryptoeconomics.

The internal economy of the project will be based on the FIN tokens.
From March 1 to June 1, 2018, the Fiansia project will sell FIN tokens. The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH. All the details you can find on the official website of the project. And in the telegram chat, ask any questions you are interested directly to the developers and specialists of the project. The team of Fiansia has extensive experience in the field of financial technologies, investment banking, and at the same time is open to its investors and is ready to answer all their questions.


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