IAGON - "We Revolutionize The Cloud. " ICO LIVE.

Hello friends, guests and subscribers of my Golos blog. Today i wanna tell about IAGON. 

IAGON is a new company that claims to revolutionize the cloud computing system. They developed a supercomputer with global communication properties that works with genuine A.I. which works on Blockchain technology.

Apparently, the project works through a complex integration that goes through all the smart devices, ultimately creating a seamless experience that effectively meets the needs of users.

IAGON platform is equipped with an artificial intelligence that will connect users and services through a decentralized application. It is said that it uses easily understandable and manageable functions. They allow you to easily integrate the functionality of the software into all available intelligent devices. And no matter if you are a simple user or a full-scale organization, the platform is designed to work for you.

They argue that they are the next destructive innovation, with registered miners who work with a limited number of positions. This is a secure cloud platform that is used to develop a single solution for decentralized cloud services.

They use A.I in combination with computer algorithms and neural networks to work with a secure network based on a Blockchain. With integrated DApps, the platform is 100% trustworthy and decentralized for use on all types of smart devices that you can imagine.
Mining is one of the main ways to generate revenue from the system and works based on the resources of your computer, such as computing power and storage capabilities. With the help of smart contracts, anyone can create their own form, which is easy to use, without the need to understand the programming language.

System operates in a decentralized network that is unique, patented and protected with encrypted distributed storage solutions that use blocking technology and encryption protocols. Blockchain uses hybrid blockade technology and Tangle, the purpose of which is to change the way of decentralized storage and processing.

Symbol for the token is the abbreviation IAG. In circulation, 1,000,000,000 tokens will be used, and use is made on the platform and through various exchanges.
More detailed information, I have not yet found.

Dr. Elad Harison is the founder and chief operating officer. Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal is the CEO, and they both confirmed LinkedIn accounts. There is also a full team of developers and specialists who help advance the project. The team is real, it works with transparency, and you and anyone else can check accounts on social networks. Any company that works with transparency such as Iagon is usually a team you can trust.

There is a full development team and a marketing team that works on the project. This is not all, they have several trusted advisers who have the appropriate experience that help to ensure that the Iagon is moving in the right direction.

Company works openly and has a proven team. They use complex technologies to create a new platform that promises to change the work of communication and cloud computing. They are still in early development, watch these guys, as they are likely to take big steps in the near future.

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