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The passage of commercial premises has a huge impact on the results of the work of stores. Constant customer cards, discounts and loyalty programs increase the number of customers.
However, most buyers do not track their bonus points, do not know their cost and terms of validity. In addition, the loyalty system is more common in online stores, and entrepreneurs who have 1 -2 stores have to come up with something else.
But the technology of blockchain and IoT has a new way to increase customer patency and attract new customers.

MOZO is developing an application for a phone in which a buyer for cryptocurrency can receive and spend a reward of loyalty around the world.
When using this application, the sellers remain in the win, as they will have a high-quality loyalty program, and buyers, because they will be available the best bonuses.
Discounts, bonuses, points, etc. often remain unclaimed by customers.
In addition, the problem is the storage of all kinds of cards, for example, I do not like it very much that before going to the shopping center I need to load several business cards with different cards into the bag. Yes, today there are already mobile versions, but in our city, for example, very often shops refuse to accept electronic discounts, justifying what is needed only from their application, but the phone's memory is also not rubber, so that for each store to install application. Although the availability of a discount in the check I always happy.
Another problem in the world of discounts, as I see it, besides a huge number of discount cards, it's also all sorts of personal online rooms where you need to remember customer numbers, loyalty program numbers, logins, passwords, websites, and we also need to remember or check their balances of balls, and the timing when they burn. And how sometimes it is a pity that the points were burnt, but you did not have time to spend them, although I was going to. In general, for those who like to save money, there are a lot of options, but there are a lot of not all conveniences. Neither as a result, you stop following these points, and so most of the customers, which indicates the inefficiency of the existing loyalty programs. In addition, the points are owned only by the cardholder without the right to transfer to another person.

Blockchain technology allows inexpensive micropayments between sellers and consumers without intermediaries. Now buyers can earn tokens as a reward instead of balls, they can buy them in any stores to save money, discounts or other rewards and can exchange them for money. The buyer will have an additional incentive to use tokens instead of balls, which will increase revenue in stores.
That will allow shop owners to also reduce advertising costs.
The buyer will have a crypto wallet and he will be able to sell tokens to another buyer who will have a crypto wallet, wherever his owner is located, though on another part of the planet, even in the same queue at the cash register of the store.
The application allows store owners to decide the amount of compensation in coins and the actions for which they give coins, for example, there is an opportunity to increase the flow of visitors to give a reward for the fact that the customer has found a certain product or service.
The Mozo application can work both in regular stores and online.

As a result, MOZO https://www.mozocoin.io/ application plans to change the current system of customer loyalty, increase traffic in shopping centers and shops, reduce costs for attracting consumers, improve customer service, reduce outflow of visitors and improve the number of purchases of regular customers, which will facilitate the development of retail trade in whole.
The project does not stand still, and there are already agreements with 38,000 stores that will enter the loyalty system of the new generation already at launch.

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