"Ntok" ICO LIVE.

Good education has always been highly valued, and in the modern world this is one of the fundamental conditions for success. Today, distance learning is gaining in popularity. It has a number of advantages over traditional methods of training, but at the moment it still does not have enough innovative technologies to achieve the maximum result for all indicators. The team of Tutor Ninja is working on solving various issues arising in the online learning process. Developers have created the NTOK platform https://ntok.io/, with the help of which the interaction of those who study and those who teach, pupils and tutors is done. The basis of the project is blockchain technology, which ensures decentralization, technical unrestrictedness, transparency and reliability of the ecosystem.
Today, online education is still a small part of the technology education segment, but it is gaining momentum every day. Now it is mainly used for teaching foreign languages ​​and gaining additional knowledge during the school period. According to forecasts of analytical companies, over time, online training will become one of the most popular among educational services. It will be used in preparation for exams, passing tests, pre-school preparation, improvement of special knowledge. Literally in a few years the transition of the bulk of tutoring to the Internet is expected, which will create a new global part of the market of educational services.

To date, the existing process of tutoring has a number of issues that need to be addressed. First, students need to attend classes in classrooms, adjusting to the schedule and time, which may not be very convenient for them. Secondly, the cost of such activities is often overestimated. Thirdly, it is not easy, and sometimes impossible, to find a tutor or mentor, having individual learning goals. And a number of other problems, including the fact that there is not always an opportunity to gain access to truthful reviews about teachers. Reviews on the Internet can be falsified. The NTOK platform aims at eliminating all of the above issues. It will be interesting for pupils and tutors, as it will create all the necessary conditions for fruitful interaction and achievement of the result. The platform will also attract the attention of companies engaged in educational materials and technologies.
The first version of the platform has already been created and tested. As an experiment on the platform, English is taught. In the process of testing reviews of students and teachers are analyzed, their wishes and suggestions are taken into account, services for improving the modes and organization of training are being finalized. The team expects that after a while the number of users of the site will become quite large. This will increase the demand for NTOK tokens and, correspondingly, their cost. With a view to finalizing the platform, a fundraising was announced. A third of the proceeds will be used to expand the services of the system, introduce blockchain technology, increase the offered courses, and attract new countries to the project.

The NTOK platform is a unique platform that allows students and tutors to communicate directly. This method involves the exclusion of intermediaries, which will reduce the price of classes for students. In the ecosystem, calculations will be performed using NTOK tokens. But it will also be possible to use fiat money. In this case, first converting into tokens will be performed with crediting them to the user's account. But when conducting transactions using a currency, the commission will be deducted, so it will be more profitable to pay with NTOK markers. To familiarize with the principles of the platform, users will be able to view information videos with explanations of "what and how". Classes on the site will be both individual and group. You can do with one mentor, and with several. It all depends on the desire of the student. NTOK developers are confident that their project will provide high-quality training in various areas. The company has developed a development plan for the next year and a half. ICO is held from 1 to 31 March 2018. The price of the NTOK token depends on the purchase period and will be within the range of 1-1.2 USD. Hurry up to buy tokens, invest in education.


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