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Hello me dear friends, subscribers and guest. Today i wanna tell you about Tipper.

 Since the advent of the World Wide Web, social networks are gaining momentum. Almost everyone who has access to the Internet, is the owner of one or several accounts in social networks. Each user has a huge number of followers, friends. Every day, the number of people who get into social networks is growing, spending more time on media, social content, publish photos, create new articles, repost other people's posts, put on huskies. Surely everyone thought about the additional income from their creations on the Internet? Get income from posts on your wall? Create a social network, where every comment, like, voice, will bring you income?

In existing social networks that are familiar to us, it is rather difficult for a regular user to profit from his activities, even if he creates quite interesting material. One can come to the conclusion that today the environment for earning is not the most favorable, due to the partnership of social networks and advertising agencies. A lot of people want to make money on advertising, that's why users and creators of content do not always succeed.

Solution from Tipper.
The Tipper project will be able to solve most of the issues! Project offers us unlimited possibilities in its own unique platform for earning users, without intermediaries, directly through the monetization of activities in the social sector. networks, for video, photos, articles. Rechnology of Blokcchain, which is used in this project, facilitates the implementation of all plans and ideas. Introduction of its own crypto currency will also benefit users, since it will pay for the work of the authors.

What is Tipper?
Tipper is a decentralized platform on Blockchain, that can motivate and support each user, pay decent rewards for the user's material. This project will help everyone who doubts the quality or direction of their content and will make it possible to earn money!
Tipper - the first social media platform, completely decentralized, where two-way monetization is applied. This is the next generation of social networks, able to balance the principle of rewards so that it would be beneficial for everyone, both for ordinary users and for advertisers themselves.

 There are many analogues, but not one can not compare with the Tipper project, in analogies, earnings directly depends on the number of collected likes. Tipper project of a different opinion, it will give rewards for the work involved in creating content. There is no fixed amount, users can get, from small to large. There is also a dependence on the sympathy of other users, the more they earn the more the author earns. You can safely say that there is no limit to earnings on this platform!
Invest in your favorite author and get a small percentage of his profits, an excellent and attractive offer! All users have the opportunity to sell shares of their channels, this will increase the material situation for the reproduction of content, at the same time, you will have to pay a percentage for promotion or cash contributions to the investor.
People who have watched your work, perhaps even a short fragment, will be able to tip you for the events you like, so there is an opportunity to get good rewards for the useful content for which users vote.
For more profitable transactions, companies have paid advertising space and send personal advice to their companies for users who are directly interested in communication.

Platform issues its token, all the money transactions, transactions within the platform will be made by the -TIPR token.

The basic ICO parameters are presented below:
• Season: March 6 - March 29, 2018.
• Name of the token: TIPR;
• Standard token: ERC-20;
• Cost of the TIPR token: 4000 TIPR = 1 ETH;
• Totally released tokens: 700 million TIPR;
• Soft Cap: 15 million USD.
• Hard Cap: 50 million USD.


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