Mozo is a new solution to the long-standing problems in the field of autonomous trade. Progressive project uses blockchain technology to ensure stable communication between sellers and buyers. Especially in a prize from it there will be owners of retail shops who can now find new clients.
An important strategic advantage is the availability of its own application, so you can work with the platform almost everywhere.
As a reward for customers, internal tokens will be issued here. You can get them for purchase or simply view the goods. In fact, clients will be stimulated to carry out specific actions. Such encrypted units can be accumulated to help them with the help of transactions, participate in promotions and special rallies.

The main for the currency is the blockchain of the Ethereum. Smart contracts, which are used in Mozo, are closely related to retail applications. They are installed between smartphones. On the one hand - it's IoT, and on the other - the buyer's gadget. Simply put, the technology used in Mozo is a transaction that is created by the user and transmits certain commands.

The developers set themselves an extremely ambitious goal - to become the leaders of the retail market in the world. This is extremely difficult, because such enterprises are extremely scattered. Thanks to the technology of blockchain, they will have the opportunity to communicate directly with each other, which will reduce the complexity of sales.

Since the key importance for users is the ease of project management, the importance of the interface in such conditions is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to a simple and understandable system it is possible to fully integrate into the platform and not to feel any difficulties in the search for goods. A flexible and intuitive interface is a guarantee that Mozo will be a success among users.

At the same time, professionals pay attention to both interactive mode and online operation. The consumer application is a new development. They are also available offline and online. Such a functional approach is a chance to quickly find a trading partner and make the most profitable deals. In the classical version of the online mode, the application presented is in many respects similar to the typical development for this market segment. True, you can only carry out transactions here through Mozo's internal tokens.

In addition to the traditional version of viewing those goods that are placed in the warehouse, you can also monitor new products here so that you do not miss the latest products. As for the Retailer application, it is used by sellers. They get the opportunity to cooperate as much as possible with regular customers.

On the other hand, users can mark their favorite sellers so that they do not look for them for a long time, but simply go to a familiar place. Advantages of this option is business can be called:
reduction of costs;
high degree of reliability.
Thanks to this, it is possible to reach a consensus and bring business relations to a completely new level, to find new customers who are interested in long-term cooperation.

If now the main successes of Mozo are connected exclusively with the Asian market, then in the near future professionals will try to use the application in all corners of our planet. To do this, they are also going to encourage users to get as much privileges as possible and completely immersed in purchases.

In order not to miss the latest news, you can register right now on the official website or follow the pages on social networks. There, professionals share topical considerations about the future of retail trade, which certainly seems somewhat more promising in light of the full implementation of such a project as Mozo.

Perhaps in the coming months we will see significant changes, as the Asian market managed to win the project quickly enough, let's see if it will be possible to achieve similar situations around the world.



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