Today we will talk about employment and work in the usual understanding of the layman. Why did I say that? Because there are self-employed people: individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, and of course businessmen. But the vast majority are not capable of self-organization of labor, therefore the simplest way to earn money legally is to get a job. But even this is a difficult task for many people because often in companies and organizations they take only “their own” or there is simply no “normal” work in “your” city.
For an employer, it is also a problem to find a good and high-quality employee. In order to understand how good the employee is, he is interviewed for admission to work. Usually it is enough to understand whether a worker is good or not before a boss.
The second stage is the so-called. a probationary period of 2 ... 3 months, after which it becomes clear to the authorities whether the subject will work or not. But all this takes time and money. But how, then, to understand immediately whether an employee is suitable for them or not.
Now the Internet is full of sites offering job search services. Anyone can post their resume, and the personnel department monitors them and invites suitable candidates for an interview. But unfortunately, all current platforms rely solely on the subjective assessment of the employee about himself. Well, you understand that no one will write bad things about himself, but an objective assessment is needed.
I want to talk about a platform called GoRecruit, which is built on Blockchain and the technology of artificial intelligence. The GoRecruit platform was created by a team of Russian specialists from various fields: IT-technologies, Blockchain, psychology, mathematics and others.
And so, GoRecruit is a platform for finding and evaluating job candidates by analyzing publicly available data and social networking accounts. Each person leaves his resume on it, and the system assigns a rating based on data obtained from social networks and a summary. The rating is formed in accordance with professional orientation.

What is the advantage of GoRecruit:

It will be easier for companies to find more suitable candidates thanks to an objective rating system.
Based on the collected data, the system will not only make a rating in one direction or another, but also build a psychological portrait based on the resume itself, as well as thanks to information available on social networks on 70 parameters: gender, age, posts and subscriptions on social networks, etc.
The system can not be deceived.
The platform has been tested and successfully operates with 470 companies.
The project team for 8 years has been studying the psychology of people and the relationship with it and human behavior in social networks. Over time, a mathematical model was built and a prototype system was developed. Matmodel is built on the basis of standard parameters taken from a person’s profile in a social network, as well as his comments, posts, subscriptions, music, etc. Even literacy writing is taken into account.
In essence, GoRecruit imitates human decision making. An expert system takes only a few seconds to process a variety of parameters, which goes beyond the normal human potential. As a result, the platform is now successfully working with hundreds of companies. The scheme of work is shown in the figure below.

It is possible to invest in this platform by purchasing GRT tokens for this, which play the role of shares of any company. This token is built on the Ethereum platform using the ERC20 protocol. Now the cost of tokens is 2.5 dollars for 1 coin plus a bonus of 20% of the purchase amount is given, in the future the price will increase to 3 bucks.

**Summing up. **

The current situation in the labor market, to put it mildly, is not very, which makes you come up with new solutions. The problem of unemployment and the recruitment of competent personnel is particularly acute in our country. That was the reason for the emergence of this project in Russia, and not somewhere in another country. The team is oriented to use the platform all over the world, because unfortunately, at least the example of Russia is closer to us, but in other countries the problem with unemployment is also present.
Detailed information about the platform can be found on the offsite and in the whitepaper.

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