GreeenToken The largest Mining Farm in Central Asia

Pollution is one of the problems now the world is currently confronting. The quantity of waste generated annually introduces danger to our planet’s health. Due to the number of plastic, cans and other waste swimming at the sea bits are on the point of extinction.
Researchers say it’s dangerous to maintain the waste on the planet so it is now vital to locate ways to take care of the issue. Each individual can make a difference and we will have the ability to stop effect of contamination by joining our efforts. For example, trash collection, which includes financial advantages and ecological can be handled by everyone.

By investing in recycling the world organizations are contributing to the solution of this problem. Businessmen, celebrities, and models are currently spreading awareness and also donate money to jobs and activities.

Authorities are encouraging the cause, providing financing for initiatives that are environmentally-friendly. Kazkhstan government will upgrade its laws and code, to assist surroundings in the nation. The authorities intend to present a policy which will enable investors wanting to take part in eco-friendly jobs to invest in”green” bonds.

Greentoken appears to be among the most promising jobs from the industry Though a lot of companies and researchers are focusing in their answers. The startup intends to develop beneficial and profitable waste recycling plant in Kazakhstan which are going to have the ability to recycle strong, organic, medical or industrial waste with no first.

The waste will be recycled via reactor which was utilized to create Syngas — a mixture of hydrogen and carbon dioxide . Syngas is a supply of methanol, hydrogen and other chemical products, and can be used to create power and heat through gas-piston and gas-turbine generators.

It is used for the production of foam glass, a material used for insulation of enterprises and residential buildings. Due to this small number of foam glass manufacturers, there is a demand for this substance.
The process goes to oxygen without access in around 1300 °C’s temperature. Heat energy generated the greenhouse complex which will create up ton of tomatoes cloves, and veggies. It is worth noting that the requirement for these products in the capital amounts to 120,000 ton yearly, what means that the greenhouse complex of Kazakhstan will probably account for a share of their marketplace.
In February, Greentoken tested the reactor at the lab of this Doctor of Technical Sciences Here Unger’s model at Germany. Reactors are non-explosive since the process extends at atmospheric pressure. The waste is processed with the atmosphere with no contact.

Greentoken is your first project working with this technologies . With assistance from authorities and venture capital investors, that the project implementation can be guaranteed by the startup with 10 percent of funds that are inner. When there’s absence of capital that are outside, the staff will rely to complete the development.

Support GreenToken by investing in ICOs. Greentoken’s success will change the future for the better. You must understand the whitepaper before investing

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