What is Gese GSE?

Gese, found online at, is a protection system against counterfeit alcohol. The company’s pre-sale begins in mid-May 2018.The goal of Gese is to ensure accuracy in the alcohol industry, including reduced counterfeiting. However, it’s also designed as a marketing tool that provides reliable statistics to brands, allowing consumers to track every bottle from the manufacturer to the retail store shelves.Gese relies on NFC tags and blockchain technology to accomplish that goal.Gese has already partnered with a number of major brands, including Barefoot Wine, Hendrick’s, Monkey Shoulder, Beluga Group, Plantation Rum, Clan Macgregor, and other major industry providers.

Will it work?
Another interesting question that we should ask is, will it work? Sure, we like money so much, but does that mean we will do it all the way? Of course not. Personally, I think it can work, as long as some conditions below are met:

Token price is not so bad, or the payout is pegged to fiat. If the token price is too low, or the payout is not pegged to fiat, then the ‘incentives’ coming from this process might not worth so much.
The product is working as good as it should. Without a working product, it is impossible to ensure this incentives system will work. You can say that without a good product, any discount that you give for it won’t affect your sales at all.
Based on that scenario above, I think “green mining” might be a good strategy for GSENetwork. Applying such incentives to a new and on-going business will increase the rate of participation that is needed for the growth of the network.

How Does Gese Work?

Like other supply chain control systems based on blockchain, Gese will use tags and blockchain to track the movement of items across the supply chain.While other systems use QR codes and similar tags, Gese will use NFC tags. These tags will automatically activate your phone from a short distance away. There’s no need to take a picture of the barcode or scan a QR code. You pick up a bottle, hold your phone close to the bottle, and the Gese app will display all relevant information about that item.The platform is catered towards three broad groups:

Consumers who want to ensure the quality of purchased goods
Local businesses that want to promote their products
Manufacturers seeking direct access to their target audience
For consensus, Gese uses the PoA algorithm, which is a refined proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism (or proof of authority).

The main challenge that is faced by any potential buyer or consumer is choosing the product with the best combination of the price and consumer qualities. Alcoholic drinks are not the essential goods, hence they are purchased from time to time.

Thus , a typical buyer purchases alcohol irregularly in most cases. As a consequence of this, it is difficult for the buyer to make the right choice: one has to focus only on the general description of the product on the label, the price of the goods and peer recommendations. In this case, the buyer does not have the opportunity to quickly learn about product range and prices in different stores. The abundance of counterfeit alcohol further complicates the situation. As a result of this, the consumer or the buyer has to solve several complicated tasks which is to:

Ø choose a drink that matches their taste preferences;

Ø search for the desired drink at local stores,

Ø compare prices at different points of sale,

Ø Authenticate the product.

None of these existing tools allows the consumer or buyer to solve these problems quickly. Excises and other methods of certification communicate only the safety level of the product but not its flavor. The search for reviews on numerous Internet sites is time consuming. Obtaining a quick comparison of product prices, their availability at nearby stores and authenticating them becomes close to an insoluble problem.


GESE is the solution that builds a community of enthusiasts and also creates a worldwide database of alcoholic beverages. The Gese project helps the buyers to find quality goods on store shelves, in pubs and restaurants. At the heart of the GESE platform is the idea of quick access to information about the authenticity and taste of the product, which the client is going to buy here and now. To implement this concept, the team is creating a worldwide database containing facts and opinions about all alcoholic beverages.

A social platform has also been created with reward payments for activity. Gese is a social platform in which users can share their opinions about products, publish posts on their own blogs, and comment on the entries of other participants. The users get rewarded in cryptocurrencies for any activity in the system.


Gese is a project created specifically for the liquor market. It contains information about the manufactured products and serves as a platform for building a thematic community. Maintanance of the system requires the blockchain technology posessing two key properties which are high bandwidth and scalability and the ability to work with smart contracts.


The Tokens sold on a token, can later be traded on both internal and external exchanges. They can be purchased by the manufacturers of goods for the purchase of label identifiers.

The Gese platform is built on one of the fastest types of blockchain. All system payments and wallets are stored within the platform’s blockchain.

The Users can use their wallets to store platform’s native tokens as well as tokens created within the system by other users. All types of currencies can be traded on the internal crypto-exchange.
Trust Network
Transparency should be at the frontline of every transaction. This in turn breeds trust. Transparency and trust are watchwords of this project. As a user transacts, the trust network takes account of his actions. The idea is to have genuine users on the platform.

Companies registered under another to form partnerships. GSENetwork brings its own approach called Decentralized Service platform. DService is there to help the platform in distribution of value. Once mergers have been formed and products are ready for disbursement, DService steps in for even distribution. The platform also allows creation of DApps

When a customer is appreciated by word of mouth for his patronage, there is tendency of making purchase in near future. Loyalty and incentives go the extra mile in gluing customers to your business.

GSENetwork harnessed this to the fullest. Users are rewarded with its token. Multiplication of transactions implies more incentives. The platform did not stop at this. It crafted a module of deriving the best.

GSENetwork mines tokens just like every other decentralized platform. It uses a concept known as green mining. Its users automatically mine tokens as they transact. Rewarding a user is determined by his facilitated transaction.

Allocation of Tokens
Advisors: 5%
Team Members: 15%
Private Investors: 20%
Foundation: 20%
Ecosystem Development: 40%

Token Sales Information

Ticker: GSE
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Total Supply: 100 billion GSE

Bottom Line
Partnerships just got better. There is set to be revolution in the sharing economy. GSENetwork’s prospects are definitely going to make the anticipated change.


By definition, Roadmap is a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal. That is to say the GSENetwork Roadmap is step-by-step means by which the mission of the project is to be fully achieved.
Below is a pictorial representation of the GSENework Roadmap:


The team behind the GSENetwork Project is composed of individuals who have experiences in diverse areas such as Blockchain Technology, Programming, Sharing Economy and Strategic Planning, with top management and advisor talents. The team is fearlessly focused on turning new technology into widely-adopted customer experience.

Click the link below in order to view each team member’s profile;


GSENetwork is an exceptional project and with a solid team of experienced brains which of course I have no doubt that sooner; the GSENewtork innovation will make better the sharing economy of the ecosystem and renders satisfied service to its Crypto enthusiasts and holders. Get involve with the project now and become an early stage investor of this great project!

For more information about the project, kindly get connected with these links:








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