Golos Hardfork / Issues - my stance - (English)

Dear Golos community. My name is @roelandp, witness for Golos since day 1 and been supporting the network for over a year, with a witness, seed node and a backup witness, as well as some scripts and the GolosTools.com website.

Last summer I was at GolosFest in Moscow and had a great time spending with the community. Unfortunately my Russian is very rustic and limited to ordering a bottle of Kvass so I totally understand that you would vote for more inclined witnesses like @arcange who in the meantime undoubtly masters russian.

kvass.JPG http://www.redkalinka.com/Russian-Blog/160/_Kvass-the-Communist-Coca-Cola/

I do want to share my point of view, and will do this in English. I have been very busy with the organisation of SteemFest in Lisbon and just returned to Amsterdam. I feel it is very unfortunate to see (from my distant view) the community getting split up about the hardfork and various people staking Golos. My point of view is the following:

  1. I support anyone who supports Golos towards next levels, either by supporting with developers, development.
  2. I think mainly why their are so many "issues" at hand at the moment is that the imminent hardfork has been postponed so often that people are kind-of fed up with this and start getting "rowdy".
  3. I think that much is prevented by having clear communications from the Core Development Team.
  4. Discussions like the Discord yesterday (which I missed) are very functional and so where the 'an Evening with Golos' which happened at the beginning / launch of the network.
  5. Incremental hardforks with focus on 1 or 2 features are a best practice instead of having an ever growing and changing feature set of the "ever"-delayed hardfork.
  6. Working together instead of fighting eachother helps the platform go forward.

I understand these remarks are quite generic, but this is as much as I can go into detail about the matters at hand. I hope that people stick together and work towards one unified product by working together instead of fighting each other. Nonetheless it's good to keep everyone in check, so I think more regular chats / 'a night with Golos' are very welcome, to keep communication and updates clear, as well as discussion / reaching consensus.

I would suggest, let's limit the hardfork features, and get more incremental hardfork's with set feature sets.

Thank you and good night. Всего хорошего,

Ps. we are planning a tour with the trans-mongolian express, if anyone has any tips, when and where to stop, please let me know!

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