Folic Acid Not Just for Women

In the last several years it's become very obvious that adequate levels of Folic Acid in a pregnant woman are vital to the health of the unborn child AND that if you are even contemplating prgnancy - you need to get sufficient levels of Folic Acid in your diet just to prepare for "the making of baby."

Well recent research now tells us that the prospective Daddy needs to concern himself with adequate levels of this important B vitamin. A new study reveals that "men with relatively low levels of folate had increased risks for sperm containing either too few or too many chromosomes. These types of deficiencies can cause birth defects and miscarriages, the experts noted(Health Scout, March 19).

This is one situation when you do want to supplement your daily diet with a minimum of 400 mcgs. of Folic Acid daily - be you male or female - if you are contemplating a pregnancy. Once pregnant, Mom will be placed on a pre-natal daily vitamin that probably contains 600 mcgs. of Folic Acid.


Other great source of this B vitamin include:
leafy green vegetables
fortified grains
These are great additions to your daily diet, so go for the gold and make sure to eat as well as supplement with this very important vitamin!!

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