Heta Block Technical Descriptions

Heta works as a replicated database which maintains a continuously growing list of ordered transactions which are called blocks. Each block is linked to a previous block, and once a block is recorded, and this makes sure that the data is a block that cannot be altered. Heta block consists of three segments which include Header, Dater, and Metadata. Both the Header and Metadata are very small segments compared to Data. This is why it is absolutely impossible to manipulate the transactions which are made in the blockchain.

Heta Block
There are five items which are found within the header:
• ChainNumber: This is a unique chain number which is assigned sequentially initially starting from 0. The initial chain is a unique chain, and it’s MainChain.
• BlockNumber: This refers to a unique block number which is the BlockMainChainNumber-BlockNumber. The initial block in a chain is special and is known as a genesis block which gets zero as its number.
• PreviousHash: This is a hash of the former block’s header. Previous hash of the genesis blocks is configured as NULL. The Previous of the coming block holds SHa256 hash of the BlockHeader of the former block.
• DataHash: this is the hash of the current data segment. It holds SHa256 hash of the BlockData of the current block.
• MainBlockHash: This is the hash of the block within the MainChain that generates the private chain.

Block Metadata
There are three metadata which are stored in BlockMedata with a byte array in each Metadata field.
The three metadata which are stored in a block are as follows:
• Signatures on the block creation.
• Transactions Valid: These refer to the valid and invalid transactions within a block. TransactionValid is a byte array which is equal to the number of transactions within the block. Each transaction creates a set of validation code in the byte array accurately to represent the validation of the results.
• Vote_List: This is the directory of the voter who was voted to be a Masternode. The structure of the directory is {address} »{voter’s coin number}.
Block Data
Each data of your transaction is encoded as a byte array and is eventually stored in the Block Data field. The length of the Block Data field must be equal to the number of transaction registered in the block a transaction. It consists of transaction payload, signatures and permission tree. Transactions payloads consist of the actual transaction data and its metadata.
Transaction signatures

These contain the list of signatures that you as in permission tree signs to your transactions. The transactions signature is formatted as {signature: Yes/nO}
Permission tree
This is referred as a hierarchical tree which represents the percentage of the member’s effect on the transaction.
This contains the transaction details within the payload. It consists of:
• Timestamp: The time when the transaction was performed.
• Expiration: time after the transaction expired.
• Scope: Identifies the scope of data that may be read or written to. Whenever a message tries to write or read the data outside the scope it will eventually fail.
• Channeled: Consists of the channels identifier.
• TransactionId: This contains the transaction identifier. The transaction id is the transaction hash.
• From: This from the account that sent that transaction.
• Balance: Refers to the amount of Heta coin in the “from” account.
• To: Refers to the account where the transaction was sent to.
• Value: Is the amount of sent Heta.
• Transaction Type: Describes the amount of transaction.
• Data: Transaction can describe its own data. A data can be an arbitrary message or function call

Transaction Fee
This is a Heta transaction fee that is charged to users while performing transactions. The fee is deducted to reward producer and voters for maintaining the Heta network.
This is calculated base on two parameters which are:
• Transaction complexity: if the transaction is more complexity that means you will be charged more transaction fee. This is like a tree if the tree has more leaves that mean more complexity.
• Transaction size: This refers to the size of data within the transaction which include the sender’s address, the recover’s address, signatures, permission tree as well as any additional data.
HetaChain is preconfigured to increase annually coin supply by 5 percent

Official links for more details,

Website Link: https://heta.org
Whitepaper Link : https://heta.org/docs/HetaChain_whitepaper_en-ver-1.0.pdf
ANN THREAD Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5043007
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/hetachainofficial
Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/Heta_org
Telegram Link : https://t.me/Hetachain_Community
Medium Link : https://medium.com/@hetachain_blog

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